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My 4 month old daughter has a really bad diaper rash, i put rash cream on everytime i chang...
Kaelynn is now 4 months old and has 2 front teeth. I'm thinking about starting her on some ...
My daughter is 4 months old and weighs 14 lbs 1 oz and is 25 in long. Her doctor wanted me ...
If you could eat only one cereal for the rest of your life, what cereal would it be?
My 1 month old is about 9 lbs..she will eat 4oz per feeding sometimes every 3 hours, but af...
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Had milk and cereal and a swig of diet coke.
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by 19dc81, Feb 25, 2012
Diet day one. 1 Bowl of Cheerio's Cereal. 1 Cup of semi - skimmed milk. 4:30 ...
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by Holly107, Aug 23, 2010
Breakfast: cereal w/bananas, raisins, 1 slice toast w/marg. & jam, tea