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Journals about arrhythmia

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by livn_learnn, Jan 21, 2016 - 1 Comment
I've been on a statin for many months and now I'm diagnosed with heart arrhythmia. ...
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by boz5886, Feb 19, 2013
Heart rate elevated this am around 140bpm. Admitted to Mountain view Hospital around 9am. ...
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This Data was compiled by John Johnson of
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Red meat has been conclusively linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke and periphe...
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by LJFuse, Jun 29, 2009
My normal blood pressure is around 90-100/80. I am tall with a slender build and slightly...
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by Shannon6295, May 06, 2009
Sunday my mom came home from the hospital. She had that spell with her heart. She ws prescr...
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The untimely and unfortunate death of NBC Meet The Press moderator and political analyst re...