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OK, so I am having 12W- first trimester screening ultrasound in a week and was wondering if...
Can u find out the sex of the baby at 15 almost 16 Weeks of pregnancy?
Ok ladies how far along were you when you found out what your baby's gender was?
hello ladies i finally know my baby sex itssssssssssssssss a girl. My husband was so happy...
though i feel like its a boy, could i be write?
Today I got to find out am having a babygirl(: I was so happy and exicted but all those emo...
Anyone have the sex of their baby be wrong?
I've been told i'm having a boy. My mom thinks I'm having a girl. I looked up girl ultrasou...
Has anyone ultrasound stated that u were having a boy but had a girl at birth
Is it possible that i could find out the sex of my baby and I'm 18 wks and 5 days