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I want subways so bad but they say its not good for the baby is this true?
Omg,I keep eating Subway sandwiches!wats your craving???xxx
I ate a cold cut from subway and now I feel guilty please tell me my baby will be okay :/
Anyone hear anything bad about eating subway subs
Can I have subway if its toasted??
I know it's not advised but does anybody eat subway without getting it toasted? I want subw...
90% of my cravings are subway and I hate lunch meat toasted or cooked. Is it safe to eat if...
Is subway actually healthy to eat while pregnant? Is it better than all the other fast food...
Is subway okay if the meat is toasted?
I'm 16 weeks and I saw a post about subway but my phone messed up and I couldn't read it. N...
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by Kitaelia, Sep 23, 2009
Wow I slept all day today... Literally. I didn't get to sleep until about 7am due ...
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by Kitaelia, Sep 21, 2009
I kinda expected to be up in weight again today. I was still up at 3am when my hubby w...
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by Kitaelia, Sep 20, 2009
Yay Aunt Flow has left the building! I'm glad to be rid of her once again. But I f...