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Nov 17, 2009 - 0 comments

110.. Think I'm gonna WIN!  I can't BELIEVE that I have 110 days clean.. It just get's better every day...

Even with Mom being so frail it's sooo nice to be able to spend those last days with her with a clean frame of mind...She means the world to me and is so caring and compassinate... and althought she slips IN and OUT at times.. she seems to COME BACK .. whenever we're just taking about our family....and I am soooo blessed to have such a great family!  

I LOVE my Mom!


Nov 12, 2009 - 5 comments

Out riding my horse and taking him up the trail that I usually LET HIM RIP up... and he just got a LITTLE BIT exhuberant... with his "stretch" bucks.. and the next thing I know.. I'm hanging on to his side.. (Indian style) then BAM... I'm on the ground...Thank GOD I decided to wear my HELMET today... cuz I'm STILL seeing DOUBLE.. plus I got a NICE hematoma on my back...ouch... Welp... looks like a little Advil... some ice and NO CARROTS for my boy today!  I can't get too mad at him though... as I have to remember.. He's only 5 (and.. I fed him Alfalfa this morning... duh!) PLus.. he IS the WORLDS GREATEST HORSE!


Nov 11, 2009 - 1 comments

Today is a GOOD DAY!  yIPEE YAHOO!

Gonna have dinner with Mom and then take sis to the airport.. Oh LORD... I hope everything works out okay for my sister and my nephew!  


Nov 09, 2009 - 2 comments

102 and I'm BLUE..

Don't know WHY.. just feeling kinda down..