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Second time around and oh so different

Nov 05, 2012 - 0 comments



second time



I am a few weeks into IVF and it's so different. I struggled through 9 months of IUI and insane expense and emotional drama for my first pregnancy. Now we are jumping right to IVF and the process is soooo different.  I haven't even tracked a single period or taken a temperature or peed on any OPK sticks.  It's nuts.  I just go to the doctor, get a calendar of medicines to take, have endless fights with my insurance company (which I'm soooo lucky that they cover IVF but they are jerks and deny you at first just for fun so that you have to work for it), do some injections, have ultra sound monitoring and blood test.  It's all being done for me.  I am 39 and my partner is 30, so my doctor thought it was best to use her eggs because we will only have to transfer one and have much higher chance of a healthy pregnancy than if we did two of my eggs.  That also gives us a lower chance of twins.  We live in San Francisco and I'm petite.  There's no room for twins in our house or in my uterus.  So this is all great.  But it feels so different than having my entire brain consumed by nothing but fertility for months and months.  So some day probably next week they will do an egg retreival and then 3-5 days later they will transfer the embryo into me and I will suddenly be transported back into my first 2 week wait in over 2 years!  I remember the emotion of it, but I feel unprepared for the insanity because of how sane the preparation for this pregnancy has been.  I guess I'm lucky.  I hope I don't lose my mind when I get to that point of waiting!

13 dpo bfp!

Jul 16, 2010 - 7 comments

on day 12 i had a bfn, but my temps have never stayed this high this long.  i was using the first response early result gold, which comes with a line test as well as a digital for confirmation.  I started with the old school one when i woke up and had to pee at 5 this morning.  The room was kind of dark (my partner is not an early riser) but we could see seriously the faintest second line.  like hardly anything at all.  I had saved my pee, so i dipped the digital and it went positive.  I could not believe the "Yes+" in that window.  I really was thinking I would never see it.

I'll call when my fertility center opens to go and start the blood tests and all of that.  this is my first positive, and i really hope it's the only one i need!  I turn 37 in two and a half weeks and was really losing hope.  Wow. I can't believe it.

princessren88 is my good luck charm!  thanks for the baby dust and back atcha!!

OPK real positive

Jul 03, 2010 - 0 comments

We've determined that I ovulate very soon after my kit goes positive, not the next day.  Today my opk ent positive about an hour before I had an ultra sound of my ovary and it showed the follicle about to release.  I had an ovudril shot, and then about an hour later I had the IUI.  The sperm count was lower than target, and lower than it has been.  We came back the next day for another IUI, and the numbers were even worse (5 million).  

On this tracker I set my opk as positive the prior day, because that's the only way i get a good line and good DPO numbers.

My iGoogle Ovulation Tracker

4 PM

Dec 01, 2009 - 0 comments

IUI in the office with Ingrid or something like that.

My iGoogle Ovulation Tracker