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new dr thanks god

Jan 04, 2013 - 1 comments

omg, what a day, I took the baby to the dr's for 5 shots i feel bad for the little guy he was not happy about it. Baby Chris has a rash I took him to the walk in Wednesday because it was getting so bad and the dr could not get him in ones again and last two times he was very sick she would not see him so I had to take him to the ER or walk in. So in Dec I called and was put on a waiting list for the first opening Jan 25 to see a pediatrician but as we waited to get in he still needs his shots so I took him to that woman today and ones again she don’t know what she is doing she ask me what he was taking i tell her and she says I think that is too much, so I say what should I be giving him, she said I don’t know. So I go home call the pediatrician office and ask to talk to a nurse or a dr crying saying I might be giving my child to much of one drug and that his dr don’t know what she is doing, they say to be here at 2pm and stop the drug in tell u see the pediatrician and she is great I love her she was there when he was born. she put him on rice cearl at night, apple juice to help him go to the bathroom, the right dose of heartburn drug, something new to put in his bottols to help brake down the milk in his belly. the dr said he is teething and something new for the rash she fixed my baby right up and i go back for a check up jan 25, just help his help my baby so he can feel better

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