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Another religious fanatic

Jan 26, 2011 - 17 comments

A South Carolina woman has been charged with animal cruelty after she hung and burned her nephew's dog because it chewed on her bible.

Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, told police that God urged her to kill one-year-old pit bull Diamond because it was a "devil dog" that was bound to hurt children in the neighbourhood.

Smith's nephew had left the dog at the home he shared with his aunt on January 9 while he went away.

When he returned on January 15, he could find no trace of the dog. When he confronted his aunt, she admitted to killing the animal.

Smith later confessed to police that she wrapped an extension cord around Diamond's neck, hung the animal from a tree and then set her on fire using kerosene.

Police found the dog under a pile of grass with part of the cord still wrapped around the dog's neck, authorities said.

Smith could face up to five years in jail if she is convicted of animal cruelty.


Jan 10, 2011 - 9 comments

I can't believe what is happening here,It's like a flood of biblical proportions.

We are ok at the moment,but it is very wet,all areas around us are affected,at least 7 people are dead,this is expected to rise considerably as daylight hits,My hopes are the death toll is not as bad as feared.
My daughters in-laws are caught in the flooded area and can't get home.It is a huge disaster,worst of all there is no end in sight to this rain.
We had over a years rainfall in less than a month,the ironic thing is we are called the sunshine state.

My prayers are with all the people that are suffering at this time.I am also praying for this rain to stop.


Mar 25, 2010 - 9 comments

Just a quick note for those of you who have followed my story.I have resolved all my negativity from the sexual abuse,It has taken 7 months and intense counselling,but I worked really hard on sorting out my feelings and emotions,Michael,my brother will never hurt me again in any way,shape or form,I am stronger than him and I have taken my life back,I feel a great sense of relief,I have given him the ownership of what he did to me,I have forgiven him not for his satisfaction but for mine.I don't condone what he did but I have let go of the anger,hatred,guilt and shame,they are emotions that bring you down and I won't be brought down anymore.Life is Good
Thank You to everyone on here that have helped in my journey.

Learning to forgive and love who I was

Feb 25, 2010 - 10 comments

In counselling today I went to my special place,the 14 year old me was there and we spent a lot of time together,It was like I was getting to know her all over again,she was actually a nice giving person who did a lot in the community,things I had forgotten about in my anger, at who I thought she was.She did volunteer work in a hospital for intellectually and physically disabled children on weekends,she also volunteered at a returned servicemans home,It was for men who had fought in the different wars who could no longer look after themselves,she used to write letters for them, or just sit and talk with them if that's what they wanted.I look back now at the girl I have loathed and despised and I see her in a whole new light.She is a girl with empathy that felt other peoples pain and was ignoring her own pain,which I see now is why she did a lot of the things that disgusted me as an adult,she wasn't bad she was confused about life and what should be,she looked for love in the wrong way but she didn't know any other way to get the love she craved.I can now forgive her and love her with all my heart,she is so special to me,and I will never be ashamed of her again.
I also briefly confronted my brother in my special place,feeling safe and secure knowing I could make him go at any time,It was hard but I got rid of some of the anger,I gave it back to him,let him do the suffering from now on,still a lot of work to do with that aspect of my life but I will see this through.Feeling Great at the moment and enjoying life.