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another burst

Nov 18, 2009 - 0 comments

While standing this morning, felt blood come out.  When checked, pad was 1/3 full, but no clots.    When checked the toilet, had a large clot.  For rest of day, would have clots, bigger than usual in the toilet.  No pains or cramps.

pee sent to lab

Nov 18, 2009 - 0 comments

federal expressed the pee

Kidney Function Tracker

endo results

Nov 05, 2009 - 0 comments

Nov 4th.    Part results of the endometriosis - no cancer.  Doc did not have full report but she was able to get that one done.

Than had the sonohysterogram.  Took 5 aspirin before going up.  Wasn't to bad.  Spectulum, than the camera, than the saline solution - couldn't feel that at all.  A little cramping but more like a tummy ach but down further.

The cyst is only half the size that it was.  Couldn't see the polyp.  But found a fybroid.  

Doing surgery - Hysteroscopy and D&C - January 5th.  Will get the fybroid and cyst and what ever else is in there.  Will take the 5th and 6th off.  Surgery first thing in the morning.  3-4 hours.  Will not be knocked out, just happy-happy drugs.  Sue will do the driving and babysitting.    

Pre-op end of December for this.  

dr glaess - endometriosis

Oct 28, 2009 - 0 comments

Went to the Dr's.  Can I just say - I love Dr Glaess, she's awesome.  Very down to earth, didn't treat me like an idiot when I kept asking questions.  She explained things even before me asking some questions.  

I had the ***** you finger for iron level - all set.  Pee test - not pregnant - dah.  Then had the endometriosis.  She explained everything and the poster doctors have on their wall, I had her use that to explain to me - she did - and really helped to know exactly what was going on.  And like you said - don't freak myself out.  I had one cramp when she did the "suction" and that was it.  Didn't even have anything afterwards or that night or now.  Oh yeah, and while she had everything "opened" up she did a pap smear.  I hadn't had one since last year and hadn't rescheduled one for this year because of everything going on.  Will have the results on the pap smear in a couple weeks but will have the endo results next week.  

She did reassure me that the cyst and polyp I have, not to worry about it.  That's good for me.

Next week I'm having a sonohysterogram done.  At least this one the Dr does right there with the tech and I can watch everything and have stuff explained right then.  Not having the tech whisper to other tech and not being able to say anything is hard not to know then.  At least this way, will know then.  

My sister came with me yesterday, so could remember some of the info that I might forget and ask questions I may have not thought of and just for moral support.  She's going with me next week also.  This one will be a little bit more uncomfortable so she's doing the driving.