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Not many symptoms today...

Sep 26, 2009 - 0 comments

no symptoms













I know that women begin to lose their symptoms in the second trimester and I also know that know every pregnancy is different, but today I didn't have ANY pregnancy symptoms beside being a little tired and a little hormonal :). I would say this would be a good thing except for the miscarriage I had last year. The thought of something going wrong is still in the back of my mind, which I know is normal too. :) At least with the morning sickness, vomiting, food aversion, fatigue and all the other symptoms I knew everything good as I had NO symptoms when I miscarried. I guess I should be thankful, but I just can't seem to get passed the worry. :(

Not feeling that bad today...

Sep 25, 2009 - 0 comments

I didn't get much sleep last night. For some reason my son decided he didn't want to go to bed. His normal bedtime is 8pm and I didn't get him to sleep until after 11. He is usually a very good sleeper, normally nearly 12 hours a night without waking up, so this was strange for him. I ended up sleeping with him on the futon in the living room because I was so exhausted and couldn't stay away any longer. I kept waking up last night, though, and probably didn't get more than 3 hours of total sleep.

But... I don't feel that bad right now. I am tired, of course, but the nausea has slowed down and I haven't thrown up yet today, so that is good. I seem to have a strange food aversion to meat of any kind. Not quite sure why. I can eat anything else, as long as it's cold, but I try meat and I end of throwing it up a few minutes later. I threw up the whole nine months with my son, so I am not expecting that to be much different this time around, though it would be nice. Not much else going on. Will update again soon.

Back from first u/s and...

Sep 21, 2009 - 0 comments

Everything is great! The heartrate was 153 bpm. Too early to tell the sex, but the tech put me at 12w1d. My little bun was moving around so much that the tech had to chase it! It is such a relief to see that little tiny heart beating away. After the m/c last year I just couldn't relax. My next Dr. appointment isn't until October 15th, so here is to praying all stays good.

First entry...scared and nervous

Sep 18, 2009 - 0 comments

I am 11weeks 4 days today. I had a miscarriage a year ago and am a little nervous about my  first u/s on Monday. I am hopeful that this pregnancy will be a good one, as I have a  son already, but I just can't seem to relax. The doctor assured me everything is fine, though, I hate not knowing. With my m/c I had no prego symptoms at all, and with this one I do, so that is the hope I am holding on to. Only the people closest to me know I am pregnant as I fear telling others in case something doesn't go well.

Everything else is going well. My three-year-old son seems to be above other children his age. He already knows his abc's, his numbers, and all shapes. He can even recognized all of them. He speaks in seven to ten word sentences and doesn't use jargon or cry to get what he wants. He is a little clingy lately, but I'm sure that will pass soon.

I will update more when I get the results of the u/s on Monday.