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Jun 19, 2012 - 0 comments

I'm now 1lb under my pre prenancy weight, 10 months after having Ben, better late than never I suppose. Still want to loose 9lb as I was overweight before I got pregnant.

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Sleep woes

Mar 09, 2012 - 2 comments

So I put Ben into his own room over a week ago, and I wish I put him in it a lot sooner, because he keeps waking up crying every few hours looking for us. We are exhausted, its like the good old days when he was a newborn waking every few hours for a feed, at least he had an excuse then.  Really hope he gets used to his own room soon, going to try him with a night light on tonight & see if it makes a difference. I'll try anything at this stage.

37 weeks!

Jul 25, 2011 - 0 comments

Getting so close now!  Feeling so uncomfortable these days, & swelling is getting worse, hardly any of my shoes fit me anymore.  I think baby just cant wait to get out at this stage, if its movements are anything to go by. Sometimes it stretches so hard that I get a terrible shooting pain in my pelvis, this happens quite a few times every day now.  I feel really bloated, queasy & extremely emotional this last few weeks.  
My sleep has gotten so bad at this stage too, and i have awful pains in my pelvis & hips during the night, sometimes i can't even turn in the bed.  
Just cant wait to meet my boy at this stage!

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Preg symptoms 25 weeks

May 06, 2011 - 1 comments

So I'm pretty much having aching pains in my ribs every day now, just in the right side!  I work in an office & I think sitting upright every day isn't helping.  I'm also plagued with heartburn every single day, which worsens as the day progresses also.  

I'm trying to stay semi-fit by walking when I can, but sometimes my tummy really hurts around the front of it, which my doc says is normal.  So Ive had to cut down & not over do it.

Most nights I just cant wait to get into bed to stretch out and get comfortable.  I'm sure all this uncomfortableness will get a lot worse the bigger I get, but sure it will be worth every single minute of it.

My boy is so active these days & I love feeling him kicking and moving around, even though sometimes my bladder takes a real beating!

I still am very tired some days, & still very emotional & small things can really upset me some days.  

I can't wait to meet my little boy in August!

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