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Not Pregnant.. I guess?

Oct 04, 2009 - 6 comments

Not pregnant





Okay, so, as some of you know, I was experiencing pregnancy-like symptoms earlier this month, including spotting (which I thought was implantation bleeding). I took some tests early on that came out negative, but I was waiting to be actually late to take another test.

So, here I am, "late." I still haven't gotten it, but I took a pregnancy test in the morning that came out negative. I'm thinking that spotting I got might have been my period 1 1/2 earlier. I guess it would have to be, since I still haven't gotten it and the test came out negative.

I wanna say.. I was not "TRYING" to get pregnant by any means, nor do I particularly want to become pregnant now.. But like.. It's hard to explain, even though I'm young and all, after you wait so many weeks thinking you might be pregnant, you almost want it to come out positive.. Like, when I saw the negative it was like relieved/disappointment. I don't know how to describe it.. It's just, I'm in a better situation than most of my family in when they had children. And now that I have a stable job, as does my significant other, and our own apartment, KNOWING I could do it, just kind of made me want it in a way.

I don't know.. Like I said, relieved/disappointed. I mean, I'm okay though. I know there is PLENTY of time for me to have children! :P No need to rush.

I don't know. You guys are really the only ones who knew about that "pregnancy scare," lol, so this is really the only place I could post what I really felt.

Topic Responses

Sep 25, 2009 - 5 comments

Okay. I have just joined these forums.. But on Pregnancy 18-34, it is kind of getting on my nerves. I - like everyone else came here to get my questions answered, or at least to see if people were having similiar experiences. I've replied to a few other posts, trying to be helpful and put in my two cents, but I've posted two topics now in that forum and have got no response what so ever. It's just kind of frustrating because it seems like everyone is responding to everyone else's and it's like GRRR GIVE ME ANSWERS! Lol. I just need some help and would like some advice as well.

I know, I know - people have lives and problems of their own and I don't mean to be an impatient b*tch, it's just my hormones are through the roof, lol. UGH.