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artical i found reason for breast cancer!!

Feb 08, 2010 - 0 comments

Chemical Foreign Estrogens ( Xenoestrogens )
Around the world, there are approximately 100,000 different synthetic chemicals on the market. Some of them mimic estrogen in the human body.One classic estrogen mimic is DDT. In 1950, two Syracuse University biologists, in an experiment, gave injections of DDT to baby roosters. The roosters grew up looking like hens. Unfortunately, the U.S. still produces 96 tons of DDT a year (in 1991) and exports it to third world countries. Then we consume DDT on imported produce. DDT is stored in the fat, notably the breast fat. The breast fat may concentrate a form of DDT up to 700 times than that of the blood. Blood levels of a form of DDT can typically be measured in the blood at several parts to tens of parts per billion.

When I first saw levels of parts per billion, I thought it was too low to worry about. Unfortunately, our human body operates on tens of parts per trillion. In other words, some of these chemical estrogens may be found routinely at levels one hundred times the concentration of our own hormones.

Imagine a baseball glove representing a receptor for estrogen. Think of the glove waiting to catch a ball. DDT is represented by one hundred shiny plastic balls. One watermelon representing your human estradiol. Which one does the glove catch?

Chemical Foreign Estrogens ( Xenoestrogens ) Cause Breast Cancer
New research by Soto, M.D. at Tufts University medical school in 1991 showed that chemical additives that make plastics last longer have estrogen stimulating effects on breast cancer cells in the test tube at parts per billion. Plastic test tubes with a new plastisizer stimulated breast cancer cells to grow wildly. Stanford University professors found a similar effect from an additive, bis-phenol A, used in polycarbonate water bottles. Bis-phenol A is also used in dental filling composites. Spanish researchers even found that some of the varnish sprayed in food cans (to prevent the "metal" taste) leached into the food. This slightly tainted food contained more than enough estrogen mimicking chemical to stimulate breast cancer cells in the test tube to grow rapidly. The above chemicals with estrogen mimicking effects are a class of chemicals known as alkylphenols.

English researchers studied a profusion of hermaphrodite trout in the English rivers. They found that the sewage effluent draining into the river contained detergent breakdown productsthat stimulated estrogen receptors creating the hermaphrodite trout. Female trout were found in the rivers. No male trout were found - only trout halfway between male and female.

In 2004, 42% of male bass in the potomac river near Washington DC were found to be producing eggs. Researchers highly suspect hormone disrupting chemicals in the river are causing male bass to be sort of female. This also mirrors a similar study that found feminized male Colorado fish called White Suckers in the river below a sewage treatment plant. As of 2004, little is done to test for these chemicals -- either in river water or in drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has not set standards, saying more research is needed to determine which contaminants are harmful and what levels are unsafe.

Some alligator populations are having trouble reproducing because the male penises are too small (blush!). The female alligator ovaries had used up all their eggs prematurely ("burned out"). Researchers have implicated chemical hormone disrupters.

Agricultural Foreign Estrogens
Agriculture typically uses artificial estrogen compounds to fatten up cattle and chicken quickly. Estrogen also stimulates the retention of water giving a heavier weight and tender meat. Some proponents say that the artificial estrogen compounds disappear from the urine in a matter of days and the animals are then free of artificial hormones. Other opponents say the artificial estrogens are stored in the fat and then eaten by consumers.

In 1970's and 1980's, an epidemic of early puberty girls as young as a year old in Puerto Rico began menstruating after eating meat and dairy products with high amounts of estrogens. Some young boys developed breasts.

Women are now beginning to menstruate in the United States at age 10. The age of menarche used to be 16. Authorities have insisted that this is normal for a population with good nutrition. Is it?

15% Girls aged 8 sprouting pubic hair and breast buds?
Women are now beginning to menstruate in the United States at age 10. The age of menarche used to be 16. Authorities have insisted that this is normal for a population with good nutrition. Is it? Herman-Giddons in a landmark study done in 1997 published in Pediatrics showed that out of 17,000 girls, 15% aged 8 years old began to show signs of puberty in the United States. See the Time Magazine article! The Time Magazine article points a finger at chemicals in our environment that mimic estrogen.

breast cyst!

Feb 01, 2010 - 0 comments

so i went to get my ultrasound done and looks like the lump in my breast is a cyst she said the doctor well make the decision on weather to do fallow up or mamagrath (im prolly saying that all wrong) since i dont have family history of breast cancer and that im at a young age but i really dont think age and family history has anything to do it im pretty sure anyone can still get breast cancer that is what my thoughts are i just hope that i do get further testing done cause i want to have a for sure answer not a maybe i guess all i can do now is wait for a call i just hope it dont take to long!!

why do i have such bad luck!!

Jan 30, 2010 - 2 comments

im going crazy not knowing what type of lump is in my breast it just feels like one thing after another my fiance is about to get surgery on the 19 of february for hydrocell and a hernia in his testical it was scary just waiting for his results he had it for two years he never told me about it untill his testical started swelling up than he had to tell me  he thought it was cancer thank god it turnd out not to be!! now here i am waiting tell monday morning for my ultrasound im so scared i was always afraid of getting cancer for some reason now my fear is reality im always feeling this lump i have hopeing it would go away some how i dont want to live this way i have a six year old daughter and a 3 year old son i just had a babie 6 months ago i dont want to leave them i can not bare the thought my life was so good untill this happend i mean i havent been diagnosed yet i guess im preparing for the worst just incase they tell me bad news im just hopeing that my doctor is right when she told me that she doesnt feel the same components as cancer and it may be a tumor but not cancer type cause it feels a little long or it might be a cyst but i still have to get further testing done i just pray to god that i dont have any type of cancer please let me live!!!

lump on breast

Jan 28, 2010 - 0 comments

today i went to see my doctor for my yearly pap and found a lump in my left breast which it is very small thinkin it may be just my lymph nodes or she said it may be tumor but not the cancer type she cant be exact what it is with out test done on it it feel sore to me i go monday to get ultrasound on it but she recaminded that i get a byoppsey done to make sure!! im so scared right now and prolly well be tell monday morning i just hope it is not cancer i have no family history of cancer but anything can happen i honestly think it dont have to run in the family to get it i dont know why people still believe... that this has been the most shity as month since last year wasnt even good besides having my son in july im so freaking out about this but i just got to let life take its course if it turns out to be than i well try my hardest to fight this nasty disease nothing is ever for certain since november of last year 6 people that i knew died from cancer i just pray that im not the next one to go!!!