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MRI with Contrast

Apr 07, 2010 - 0 comments


I went in and had an MRI with contrast today.  I have the disk but no idea what I am looking at!  LOl...
Guess I "might" find out at my next Neuro visit..


Apr 07, 2010 - 0 comments


It is me again...I just wanted to jot all of this down before I forget.

My first "round" with the Urologist went pretty good.  No sign of cancer and my Cytology came back negative.  That means one good and one bad. It actually does not rule out the cancer but gives hope there is none.  So, I see her every three months for two years....Great.... like I can afford another doctor.  Before I left my appointment she told me how to self cath..Well, kind of and told me to do it three times per-day.

My folllow up appointment with her.....She said I definetly have a "Neurogenic" bladder.  She said to cath all the time now.  She also made me an appointment with a Neuro-Urologist.  That means Floroscopic Urodynamics.  "why" is this important?  No idea...Guess so I can pay payroll for another office and or maybe get another prescription so I can keep the pharmacuticals in business.

In the meantime, I saw the Pulmonologist who said he thinks I have scar tissue in the lung from the H1N1 and not cancer.  So, I have ANOTHER follow-up with him scheduled to see if the scar tissue has changed.  If it has then we have to do a biopsy.  I would prefer to not have to do the biopsy.

In the meantime #2 - My Neurologist lowed my dosage of Keppra (for the seizures) and we are now working on getting me off it as I am taking a full dose of Lamicatal. She checked my reflexes while I was in there and said their were hyperreflexive.  Plus we talked about a lot of other I felt better on my Metanex and I want it back.  She gave it to me and I think I see a difference in the tremors and jerks.  She talked about a lot of other stuff like the chest squeeze and I dont know what all.  

She told me that when I had my MRI last year I had between 6 and eight "bright spots (glowing) on my brain...I Wish I did feel brighter...When your in school you need all the brightness you can get!  So....she wants to keep ruling stuff out or in?  Today, I am going in for another MRI with contrast.  They say it is head to toe.  She specifically wants the cervical.  Then......I have another scheduled appointment for an SEEP(?) not sure if I said that right or not...I guess it is some sort of electrical current they run from your brain down your legs....Gee, that sounds fun.  Then to top it all off.......The one thing I have managed to avoid is now becoming reality...The dreaded Lumbar Puncture...Whipppeee, I am so excited I could wet my pants.  I truely hope they have run out of torturous tests to run on me.

Then to top it all off....I went and seen my "endocrinologist...I have more "Ologists" than one person needs!  Anyway....I guess my blood tests came back and my A1C had risen a little but my Calcium levels are extremely high.  I have no idea what that has to due with the  "tea in China"...

So here I wait trying to find out if the MRI place received my "BUN and Creatine" levels so we can move forward with the MRI.  I have to admit I am more freightened of the MRI than most of the other....I have terrible closterphobia and my last MRI was not fun...But hey this time my Doctor gave me some Zanex to take and because of the Iodine allergy I am to take two benadryls.  Looks like if this is a go...I am gonna be one friend out momma...

See ya all later,
Susie the pin cushion..

No matter what happens - Life is precious!

Jan 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Lest I forget...

This was an email I wrote to LuLu... she asked me to post it in my journal as everyone needs a happy story every once in awhile...

Hi..Yes I am doing much better!  Using the right end of the catheter seem to help some, LOL!  I took your advice and I am getting much better about being able to do it (cath) on the commode.  I am back to trying to drink more water and therefore cathing more.

I really appreciate you being here for me with a wealth of information at my finger tips.

I am not sure if you knew what all has happened since Thanksgiving or not?  But, I am so excited I just wanted to share with you.

Three days after Thanksgiving I felt a little off and chose to go to bed early.  The next morning I awoke to what I thought was the flu.  Ron went to work and I slept.  He came home and I slept never getting out of bed.  The next morning I was so sick I did not know I was sick.  Ron came into the room and said he had called both my GP and my neurologist and they said to take me to the ER.  I had no idea why but bundled up and complied (it was easier)!

I got to the hospital and had a fever that was unbelieveable.  I was admitted with H1N1 and Bacterial pneumonia.  I spent 8 days in the hospital.  As a college student I was begging to be released after I figured out "who" I was.

In that mess....I had a doctor who was a major jerk and a quack on top of it.  He walked in my room without tests and said it is not pneumonia.   You smoke so it is cancer of the bladder and lung cancer, you are dieing and will not see Christmas.  We fired him.  I ended up with a very nice pulmonologist..he got me as well as he could before I insisted on going home.

The week before Christmas the doctor we had fired called me here at the house.  He claimed that before he was fired he had ran a urine FISH test on me (for cancer cells).  In a score of 0-5 I was a five, that meant I had advanced bladder cancer. Later a Cytology urine test came back negative for cancer cells (new doctor ordered it).

I survived Christmas....No going home..just here with Ron and a diagnosis of cancer.  My GP agreed that the test looked bad.  so we waited for the 5th of January and my appointment with the urologist.

Now...after seeing a neurologist for numerous tests and my diabetis doctor who is constant... and all of those days in the hospital I was not in the mood to share the information that I could not pee and was swelling in my stomach as well as the pain.  I learned last year that you tell the truth and it messes up your life.  I am no longer able to drive because I admitted my seizures were acting up!

Back to my story:
So that was "why" I saw the urologist.  So she did a cystoscopy in her office and saw no cancer.  As I am allergic to Iodine she did not feel comfortable with a CT scan.  So we scheduled day surgery for her to check everything including the kidneys. We did pre-op that day which included a chest X-Ray.  My Uro calls and cancells the surgery as the Radiologist says I have nodules in my right lower lung lobe. Now the uro was thinking I had lung cancer and renal cancer,  The surgery was cancelled.  

Then a week ago she calls me on a Monday and says I changed my mind, we have to find out if the cancer is in your renal system because that would mean it had matatisized.  We scheduled it for that Thursday.

While driving her scope where no one should be...she saw no signs of cancer but immeadiately knew I had a neurogenic bladder.  Once I was awake she had me "go" then showed me how to cath.  She was amazed at how much was retained. She said I have to be monitored for the next couple of year for cancer but she saw none.  We leave still thinking about the lung nodule but relieved over the renal system.

Yesterday was the big day..we took all the x-rays to the pulomonologist from the hospital. He looked me over, looked at all of the x-rays and said.....Susie, I do not believe this is cancer.  This is scar tissue from one of the worst cases I have ever seen of pneumonia and H1N1.  This might go away but doubtful.  IT DOES NOT look look like a nodule and I do not believe it is cancer.  Then he said....The H1N1 is still working on your body.  You still have pneumonia (I knew that)!  Go home eat chicken soup.  He said NO anti-biotics and no over the counter meds.  He said that what little resistance to infection I had built up was destroyed with the anesthesia and meds I had, had in the hospital.  Now, I have to rebuild again.  He says it will be six months before I am well again.

But he said the magic words.  No cancer.  I see him in six months with new x-rays and a follow up.  He says if it looks different or not like scar tissue we will pursue it.  He said highly doubtfull...Probably send me home with an exercise program.

I know this is long but I am busting to tell everyone that I do not have cancer...after almost two months of being told I did....It feels GREAT..

Let the moral of this story be....Always get a second opinion and enjoy your may be filled with trials but when you think your dieing from some terrible relalize how much you love your family and friends.

Yes, life is precious and dont forget to stop and smell the roses..

Hugs to all..