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why isn't crying okay.

Nov 24, 2012 - 0 comments

Why isn't crying okay.  family says crying is manipulative  and immature. Can't help that I cry easily but for some reason in my family crying is seen as a weakness. How do change their outlook on this. I can't change who I am.
I feel supid, I am not capable of anything just being  stupid and immatue. How can I change my attitude and how can I get them to see the crying is not always a bad thing.

how to deal with feeling disresepcted.

Oct 12, 2012 - 0 comments

I did have a long talk with my counselor the other day about this. She did bring up some points their actions trigger something in me from the past it made me feel like a child.

I feel really hurt and disrespected by my neighbor's actions that they did feel comfortable telling me in person. I am having a really hard time with this.

Right now it is hard for me to move forward.
Having a hard time dealing with losses. Losing ozzie as a client and loosing income from walking him.

Moving on and not talking to them does not solve anything for me. I feel like I have a right to tell them how their behavior hurt me. If I dont' say anything to them they will not know that they hurt my feelings. So from where you are coming from it is okay to just people slide when they hurt your feelings and tell them. I still feel I should have been told this information in person. Maybe I am old fashioned something like this you dont write over an e-mail you tell them face to face.

feel awkward, uneasy, uncomfortable and unsure about having this
conversation with Norah and Angela bout their actions have affected I
and I feel. I am scared and afraid to be open and honest with m
feelings towards the way they told me the news that they were moving.
I guess sometimes I am just old fashioned when it comes to sharing
important information that either that pertains to me or affects me
directly or indirectly that news this important should be delivered in
person not and not an e-mail and I guess I feel like they took the
easy way out by writing note instead of telling me in person. I feel
like they see me as a child and not adult who is capable of handing
information that would hurt my feelings. Yes either way they deliver
the news they are still moving or I do feel disrespected they way they
delivered the news and their timing. I do think you are right that
their actions triggered old feelings and emotions from the past when I
was kept from information that pertained to me I was not told until
people thought it was necessary so it reminds of being treated like a

I guess I just expected more from them and I thought I had a different relationship with them and apparently I dont. I guess I am
afraid of being rejected or the outcome will be if I am honest withthem. Yes, I know sometimes I can expect too much from others and I can be really hard on myself.

I do understand if I go
through with my conversation it could change the dynamics of the
relationship. Just because I think people are nice if I am honest with
them does mean they are willing to listen to what I have to say.
Sometimes I feel like it easier to say nothing but then that does
change anything and I am still hurting.
I feel torn between telling them or just keeping it to myself. I do
think you are right that I have been avoiding them, just dont feel
comfortable around them at the moment and I am not sure about trusting
them, I do feel like I have lost some trust from my side on this
issue. I do feel like it is tug of war, I do want to tell them and
then again I dont want to tell them. I am not sure how to go about
when I am not sure that I really want to. I am scared of
confrontations and I am scared of I do open up it will not come out
right and I will still be where I am now. I feel like there is a tug
of war I want to tell them and than again I don't want to tell them. How do I decide and I know I am the only one who can decide. Today andtomorrow are my last days Ozzie and walking him.

I do need to look at other things because I am loosing Ozzie as a client and I am also loosing the little income I was making from
walking him. I do need to look at other alternatives to generate an income.

I want to tell Norah and Angela what I told you ahout how I feel about
how they delivered the news to me about there moving but I feel like a chicken. How do I tell someone something when I am very unsure that I want to tell them in the first place. I feel very uncomfortable about wanting to do this and do think things from thepast are interfering with this. How do I get the nerve up to have a very unpleasant conversation. I am not sure if I can do it. I feel like I do need to do it but I am very scared of the outcome.

Having hard time moving forward on this one, because it brings up old memories and triggers being a child not an adult.

I don't how to tell them the truth that their actions hurt my feeings, I feel like I can't trust them anymore. I am torn between letting it go and telling them in person.I feel like I deserved to be treated better and I feel like t heya re taking me for granted. I still think they should have taken the higher road and told me in person I feel really disrespcted. I guess I am only good for coming to there rescue when comes to wathcing their pets. I don't agree with there decision I don't feel like they really value me. I feel like I have been taken advantage of . I don't think they would be receptive to how I feel about how they told me the news. I don't think they see me as an adult I feel like they are treating me like a child.

I don't how feel better about this and is has been bothering for me a long time. I know I have been avoiding them also I dno't really want to see them at the moment.

I feel like I deserve more from them for how long I have taken care othe pets, not a stupid e-mail I feel really betrayed and disrespected by them that they can not do it face to face. Ozzie would have told me in person if he could talk. I am tired of being treat like a kid by everyone, I wish they would see me different, I do deserve better.

I do need to find some new dogs in my life.

I feel like chicken in telling them the truth.

aunt mary fracturedher hip.

Sep 10, 2012 - 0 comments

Keep my Aunt Mary in your thoughts  my Mom and I were playing tennis with her in Central Oregon and she fell and fractured her femur. She will be in the hospital a total of five days than after that she has to go rehab for two weeks.

It is hard to see someone that you grown up, being put on stretcher and put in the ambulance to go the hospital.