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The worst pain ever!!!!!

Aug 20, 2011 - 9 comments


So I had a VERY odd night last night and I thought I would share it with all you lovely ladies to see if you have any insight on what might be going on with me. And I would like to say ahead of time sorry for anything that might be TMI. But here it goes. So last night me and dh were doing the bd and it was painful for me. like it hurt my insides. the main places i could feel pain was my uterus and ovaries. like i knew it was that. so we tried a different position, and yup same thing, still hurting. so we couldnt even finish i had to make him stop. and as i was laying there the pain just got worse and worse to the point i was in tears and my dh was freaking out and afriad to go to sleep. it wasnt like af cramps, and it wasnt like contractions. it was a sharp, consistant pain. it hurt to sit, stand, lay down, cough, everything. and it almost felt like everything was going to come out of me, through both my vag and rectum area. but i didnt have to go to the bathroom at all. my dh tried his best to help, he got me some asprin, tried an ice pack out and a heating pad. i finally was able to pass out and get some sleep, and this morning everything is just very tender. I have no idea what is going on and what caused this. Has anyone else experienced something like this before? I seriously don't know what to make of it.
Well thanks for letting me get this all out there..

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