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Worst. Day. Ever.

Oct 02, 2010 - 13 comments

Well, today I woke up earlier than normal. Not a big deal. Then I got a migraine.... *****, but nothing compared to what happened next.

I tried to use my debit card last night and it wouldn't work. I know for a fact it wasn't because I didn't have money- I couldn't even check my balance. This morning I called the bank.

I. Got. Hacked.

Some JERK over in the UK got my debit card information (weird considering how LITTLE I use my card).... they spent 600 bucks on toys from the Disney Store, pizza from dominos, and movies (Not sure how much that one will be). Frustrated. They attempted to get a hotel room in Vegas for 1500 bucks... thank God I don't keep that much in my checking.

My bank said since it's overseas, there may be nothing they can do about it. So I just gave some lowlife hacker 600 bucks.

Talk about the worst time EVER to have money stolen. And on top of that- anything that I have done check-wise that goes through my account and I don't have money for I get charged a bad check fee. Great. If I keep money in my account, I risk them someone getting it as well.

I can't get a new debit card- get this- without PAYING FOR A NEW CARD. YA WTF. Not that I am in a hurry to get a new card, but seriously. And every time I tried to use it yesterday including the ATM tries- I have to pay for. Seriously, can it get any worse.


VENTING. That's all.

Aug 23, 2010 - 1 comments

I just need to vent a little. The remodel that was supposed to be done no later than August is still not done. My husband works WAY too much and never has time to do anything around here. I shouldn't complain- at least he's not lazy, but dang it I want my new room!
I decided to start working on it myself. Maybe the worst idea I've had? The walls are 10 feet tall number one. Number two-pregnant women do not belong on ladders- it's so hard on your hips and ankles, not to mention some slight balance issues. Then on top of that the beautiful blue/green ocean water colored paint has no blue to it. It's more like a mermaids tail than a beautiful ocean aqua color. Oh well, that wouldn't have been too bad had I not run out of pain with about 3 feet of wall to finish (I don't live in town). Then I broke the broom handle I was using as an extension. Then I snapped the handle of the paint roller.
THEN after my husband got home last night, he decided to complain about my paint color choice- talk about pouring salt on the wound. Then he started to finish part of the closet and as I tried to paint the tops of the walls, he stands staring at me demanding I give him the ladder. I climb down and drop the can of paint... spilling it all over the trim. In my hurry to get the can I hit the fan that was blowing next to me- the fan without a cover on the front. A chunk of skin got cut off the side of my pinky. As I ran through the house I tracked paint and blood everywhere. Smooth.
Now today I got up at 5 am to start routering the trim and then I painted it all white since it can't be stained thanks to the stupid green paint. Apparently I'm not the brightest because I put the stupid trim under a tree and little bugs got on it.
I'm going to go insane. I finished mudding the sheetrock so that I can get the last part of the closet sanded and painted and the stupid mud isn't dried yet- 5 hours later. F.M.L.

I think after I get the wall sanded and painted and tape the top part I'm going to make some curtains. I can sew better than I can build.... or I used to before my pinky got hacked off- hopefully I don't ruin my darn curtain material which happens to be white and cost 15 bucks a yard!

I feel better now that I got that off my chest. Hopefully I can finish enough of this room to get moved into it before Jacob gets here?

Charlie Horse?

Jul 30, 2010 - 3 comments

I went to stretch this morning and I got a HORRIBLE knot in my left calf. Never had that happen before but I about cried it hurt so bad. Now my leg is still sore where it cramped up. I hope that never happens again!

Glucose Test && Random Catch Up

Jul 27, 2010 - 0 comments

Glucose test today. Ate the breakfast they had me eat and had the finger ***** an hour later. PERFECT numbers. Feeling great. I think my fingers were swollen this morning because my wedding ring was snug. I never had any swelling before so it was strange- but it could have been from laying weird which has happened before. I've gained some weight- I think my thighs have exploded over the last week.

Overall I feel amazing. No discomfort other than constantly peeing and the occasional braxton hicks contractions that can be uncomfortable. I'm seriously debating having my baby unassisted at home because I could be to the hospital in 7 minutes (and that's going the speed limit) so I don't feel like it would make a difference. So much to do so little time!

Fundal height is measuring 28, still consistently 1 cm under which doesn't worry me or the midwife. I got a little sunburn on my thighs and belly yesterday from the pool- smooth move eh?

I have this sneaking feeling that this baby is going to come a little early. I could be off, but I am convinced this baby will come the last week of September. I absolutely don't want a September baby (we have a TON of September birthday's in the family). I have my fingers crossed that we at least make it to October 1st, but something tells me that may not happen.

Only time will tell I suppose.