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CD 13

Apr 03, 2013 - 2 comments

Had my follicle check today at 10AM. I have one massive 25 (mm?) follicle and 3, 6mm follicles. My urine is 100% positive they said so I should ovulate in the morning. They gave me the shot bc she knew I was scared (they said I needed it before dh got home so I'd have to do it myself) It hurt like FIRE. That really stunk. Getting checked by a male dr stunk (pretty much first time having a male down there that wasn't my husband) TMI?? Sorry....And then took my blood, can't remember what they said about that. Said not to get excited because it may not happen the first time. It does alot but may not.
Met a girl who is on her 3rd try with IUI, she just had her tubes unblocked and is hoping for the best. so Prayers for Sarah.
I am set for transfer at 830AM ish tomorrow, Friday at 2PM they are checking to see if I did ovulate. And the 11th is a progesterone check then the 18th is a pregnancy test, if positive I have to go in the 18th for some reason or another.  It just seems all overwhelming and daunting. Plus I came to work and all S*** hit the fan. So I am praying for a new job. It's the second time this year. And it has just been compounded. I've been warned they want to get rid of me so they are starting to document every little thing I do. So that stinks.  But it's all in the Lord's hands. Whatever he wishes for us is what will happen.
Thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it all!!

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Apr 02, 2013 - 3 comments

The impact of sitting and walking is pretty painful. BD is too. I feel for all the women on follicle stimulating meds AND having to get preg the old fashioned way. (i'm jealous, but empathetic!)  I am so ready for tomorrow morning!!! I can't wait! I hope he gives me a pic of all these follies. (and cysts, I know there are some in my right ovary) It would be a fun thing for a scrapbook or photo album
SSBD To All trying!

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Mar 31, 2013 - 8 comments

Everytime a cat lands on my stomach I feel like my right ovary is going to explode. I think it didn't release eggs last month because it hurt so I'm thinking its just super full of eggs/cysts this month. I hope we don't miss O day!

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Mar 28, 2013 - 4 comments

Last day of clomid :-)  How surreal this all is.

We just had a guy from statewide remodel come check out our tub. Apparently the bathroom is the most expensive room per sq ft to remodel in the entire house and the "wet area" the tub, is the most expensive part in the bath. So since a bathroom remodel would cost $12,000-$15,000 we are sticking with just a tub/shower area which is still $8,300.....BUT we don't have a choice and he agreed with me, if we don't do it with him then we need to go to someone else. They are the most expensive but they also use the highest quality material and pay their guys over $20/hr bc they want to employ and keep the best guys.  Sooooo. I think it's worth a lifetime warranty too.

So far (fingers crossed) no headaches today, it will be a first since I started clomid. Which i really didn't expect until tomorrow or the next day but I will take it!!!

I'm starting to get a little worried about our dr's office. Every time I call now, even in the middle of office hours no one answers, it goes to the answering service. They say they could be with a client, but really, every time?  So IDK. And I keep thinking about how cheap it is and how he kind of does the same procedure for everyone, I'm sure he tweaks it, but I'm just getting nervous because i spent $8300 and now I have to trust God that we will be able to afford the delivery and nursery.  I may have to do a hospital since they take insurance instead of paying up front for a midwife and then getting reimbursed later.

I hate when my perfect little plans get rocked, but I reallly reallly want a new bath before mold takes over and it costs double to repair

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