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Should I feel guilty about getting with a "good girl" when I haven't been so "good"?

Jun 16, 2011 - 4 comments

I've had a few past sexual experiences and I worried over HIV. I was last tested at what had to be about 6 months post-exposure and haven't had any kind of sexual contact since that last exposure and the test itself was back in January. So it's been what at least a year since any contact, with negative results for essentially all STDs and HIV at about 6 months. Anyway, there's this girl I like and when I said "good girl," I meant that she seems like she COULD be a virgin, or at least far from being as active as alot of girls are these days. If I were to get with her (I doubt, but I can hope), do you think I should feel guilty? I don't know what it is. I kind of feel like even though I'm not infected with anything, I just still feel...dirty or tainted in a way.

Will my results be negative?

Jan 31, 2011 - 0 comments

About 15-20 weeks ago, I took an HIV test which came back negative. The last encounter before that was an undetermined time. I felt it was at least 12 weeks, but later, I started to wonder if it really had been. So even with that LITTLE doubt in the back of my mind, it still gnaws at me inside and messes with my head. So I've decided to get tested a little later today, and this time I know it's been WELL beyond the 3 month mark. It's been at least 4 months since I last TESTED, so I know it's definitely been long enough post-exposure. I just need this as definite proof, instead of having a little doubt like I do at this moment.

My only exposure was brief oral sex (performing). So considering that, and it was probably 12 weeks, (only 2 or so weeks shorter at most), the result was negative before. Will it be negative now? I'm just trying to ease my mind in the meantime.

Anyone think it's worth retesting?

Nov 06, 2010 - 1 comments

A few weeks back, I tested negative for HIV on a rapid test, and even asked the doctor to send in more blood for a lab test, just for more confirmation, and that test came back negative, as well. The most previous sexual encounter beforehand (and still, for that matter) was a short session of male-to-male oral sex (both give and receive). I forgot when that was, though. At the time of the test, I felt it had definitely been long enough post-exposure (12 weeks), but after I got my negative results, I began to feel and think "Well, maybe it wasn't 12 whole weeks?" And now, it hits me about the possibility of it being a couple of weeks short of 12. Maybe it's just my head messing with me. Would you say it's worth going back and testing again?

Ooooh the worry never ends for me, does it? Stupid hepatitis!

Jan 15, 2010 - 15 comments










I know protected sex is safe when it comes to Hepatitis B (and A & C for that matter) and HIV, but I also know oral transmission through fellatio is still being debated among researchers/doctors...for HBV anyway. HIV is no risk according to everyone here.

I'm a straight guy. However, in the past, I've been curious and so I've had a few encounters with other men. (I regret doing anything with any of these men and will never do anything again). Anyway, I had one session of unprotected sex, three times I'd done protected sex, and a few unprotected oral encounters, both giving and receiving. I've worried over STDs, especially HIV and Hepatitis as of late. I haven't been with anyone in at least six months, except for one time around three months ago (just an estimate) when I was involved in a very short session of exchanging oral sex...yes, with a man. By 'very short', I mean I performed for no longer than 30 seconds and received for about the same amount of time, with no ejaculation either way around. Anywhere from a month to two months afterwards, I tested for HIV (I had to test anyway, since I never had before). Negative. About a month after testing for HIV, I get a Hepatitis Panel Test for A, B & C. Negative. I hear three months is conclusive for Hepatitis testing. But I don't have such a good memory when it comes to remembering exactly WHEN things happened. In this case, I honestly can't even remember which month I had this brief encounter in. I know if was before November, but it could have been in October or September, likely October. Late October or early October, I don't know. I was tested for Hep. on December 23rd. If there's anyone here that knows alot about Hepatitis, I would like to know, if the encounter occured in, let's say, late October, could I rely on those results? What would you say are the chances I even caught HBV from such a brief oral encounter? I've read from advice the doctors here have given people before, that 6 weeks would likely show whether the person had Hepatitis or not, yet never said that was conclusive. I also read it has never been documented to be transmitted through oral sex. I think my minor, brief exposure, paired with being negative at 6 weeks, added to the fact it's not generally believed to be transferred orally, I would like to say it's very likely I don't have Hepatitis. But I know I can't say that for certain. I don't need to worry over Hepatitis C, I know that much. As for Hepatitis A, I also don't need to worry. But even if I did, contracting this wouldn't even be a problem, as it's not even serious.

I've been told I had no risk at all with HIV from this encounter (I took another test yesterday morning, just to put my mind at ease). Needless to say, it was negative. So my negative results at 3 months (could be a week or two short of the recommended 12 weeks) combined with the fact that you guys assure myself and many others oral sex isn't even a risk, I'm sure I can safely say I don't have HIV. So let's get that out of the way and focus on this other dreaded disease.

I post this as a journal entry so that maybe someone who doesn't normally hang around the Hepatitis B forum, yet knows much about the disease, can hopefully see this and help me. Also because I've posted in the Hepatitis B forum before and, unlike the HIV Prevention forum, there doesn't seem to be any people who are very well informed and confident in their information of the disease. I'm currently unable to ask the doctors here themselves in their forums, so here I am.