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10-2009 surgery infections hosp screw ups -reviewed 4-8-10

Apr 08, 2010 - 1 comments





abdominal surgery

Exact details Unknown as to type severity duration, was in conjunction with at least 2 other unrelated infections (I was told) and difficult extended recovery from bladder, hysterectomy, prolapsed uterus, vagina, and rectum, surgery. Hospital procedures associated with inpatient care, Operating room, discharge and follow-up of conditions after stay and care caused all of these conditions .  Catheter removal procedure was not done properly with back flush to assure bladder was "working" correctly and confirmation by nursing staff and doctor that after removal of catheter my bladder was functioning and I was able to empty on my own.   Catheter was removed and I was released from hospital AND WAS NOT ABLE TO EMPTY BLADDER. I ended up in Other hosp emergency room Within hour of leaving RHMC in THEE WORST PAIN I HAVE FELT SINCE CHILD BIRTH, it might have been worse, I could not walk.  I was then re-catheterized in emergency room at other hospital, and there my journey of over a month of multiple infections,  pain,  misery like I have never know before and never ever want to experience again, no one should have to go through what I did.  In addition to this initial horrifying incident, I returned to WHC within a week for unscheduled visit not due to regular post opp but because I was in extreme pain and more discomfort then I should have been, at first they kinda blew it off as I was just a "bad patient" and over exaggerating my pain and condition, but they decided to do a URINE test anyway....then RHMC they neglected to tell me the results for over a week and treat me for yet another infection that I was walking around with  (bladder I believe) It was only on my next visit that the test results and fact that no one had bothered to follow up on them and treat me was discovered and I began another antibiotic treatment.  THEY PUT ME THROUGH HELL. And there was no apologizing for the whole catheter screw up, instead I was questioned as to WHY I DIDNT JUST COME BACK TO THERE ER AND INSTEAD WHEN TO ANOTHER !!  IT WAS F--KIN CLOSER A-HOLE. WTF  

3-10-10 fungal infect and Fluconazole 150mg for 5 DAYS oops doc

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FLUCONAZOLE 150mg /5 DAYS/ 3/10/2010 Dr Strangarity | for fungal thrush infection | prescribed Amount 7 pills | pharmacy filled only 5 | BUT THIS MED IS SUPPOSED TO BE  A "ONE TIME DOSE"  I did not know and took for 5 days.  did not resolve the Fungal Thrush or
sinus issues.  This incorrect dose May have added to and ultimately caused condition to worsen as it did.  I do not know that, was not told that, only know my symptoms did not subside instead got increasingly worse and additional symptoms\illness followed.  NOTE: messing with this Fungal infection when they have not even tested me for what all I may have.  No throat culture done, and if this Fungal infection has spread like I think it has (or had already) Or it may possibly be that this episode of infection is actually related to or caused by in some way by the infections from 10/2009  Abdominal surgery and after that were not recorded,  or followed up on to assure my system was cleared of.  Don't know what I had, was never told, not recoded, only meds given clue to what I mite have had, so how can they treat or prevent what "conditions" I may have now because of what I mite have had then?  WTF.  How can this not scare the crap out of people? how can I not feel like ...hopeless.  It just keeps getting worse, and they add insult to injury by blaming me for not getting better.  NICE!  

May be the last February thanks to dr who shouldnt be, 2 years gone

Feb 10, 2010 - 0 comments

is ...looking for the RIGHT doctors and tests to finally get proper diagnosis and treatment..after 2 years of this I am going to homeless due to no imcome ,thanks to my PCP, who finally admited he was HOPEING my issus were only or mostly psycological so Psyc could be in charge of my healthcare instad of him HAVING to do it!!  OMG Why would someone like him even  WANT TO BE A DOCTOR is beyond me.  Instead of being a Doctor and doing what doctors do, and try to find out what was wrong with me and treat what ever it was, he has absolutly ruined my life, and my childrens, cause there is no where to go from here...his CARE has left me homeless and hopeless,  WHY?