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Birthday of baby Asia!

Feb 15, 2010 - 0 comments

This is the day that my baby girl was born! I was so happy to have her in my arms and looking into her face!!!

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Jan 21, 2010 - 0 comments

So today the specialest Dr. said that I will have Asia before her due date. Then my Dr. said that we will induce a week before the due date. So that would be on the 17th of Feb. I will be talking to the Dr. tomorrow and I am going to see if we can induce on the 12th or the 13th. Hope to have her in the morning of the 13th. or even on the morning of the 14th. Witch is my hubby's and my anniversary date!

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Missed the day!

Jan 19, 2010 - 0 comments

I missed this day to add anything!

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Jan 13, 2010 - 0 comments

I am tired. Need a nap.

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