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my last journal on found remedies for fertility

Jun 23, 2010 - 4 comments

False Unicorn Root or Helonias Root- Used for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance (balancing effect), infertility, morning sickness, ovarian cysts, spermatorrhea, threatened miscarraige, uterine prolapse. It is a tonic for the reproductive organs, expecially beneficial as an aid to getting pregnant and staying pregnant, has a normalizing effect upon the ovaries. Used in infertility caused by dysfunction in follicular formation in the ovary. Eases ovarian pain and vaginal dryness. Some specialists warn not to take this herb unless you want to get pregnant! Follow directions: Taking too much may cause hot flashes, kidney and stomach irritation, blurred vision or vomiting.

Chaste Tree Berry- chaste tree berry can improve women’s chances of conceiving because it helps reduce hormonal imbalances; it also stimulates the action of pituitary gland, increasing progesterone and luitenizing hormone production, which helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. This herb also reduces stress levels, which in turn has a beneficial impact on reproduction health and daily use promotes fertilit

D-ong Quai: this herb improves your chances of getting pregnant by balancing estrogen and by regulating menstrual cycles. It can also improve implantation of the egg for women with autoimmune problems. However, D-ong quai is also a blood thinner and should therefore not be used during menstruation.

Wild Yam: wild yam increases the production of progesterone and therefore increases your chances of getting pregnant. Wild yam should always be taken after ovulation occurs, as taking this herb before ovulation can actually prevent ovulation from taking place, thereby reducing fertility

This is my latest finding, i hope someone finds it useful. i am pagan, and will continue to find natural remedies for most ailments. Chemicals make my skin crawl, and i try to avoid them all when I can. Hence why I dont want my doctor turning around and suggesting Clomid...I just really dont.

I will be sad to not write in my journal anymore, but whether the boyfriend likes it or not, I dont want to be actively trying to conceive anymore. Dont get me wrong, i want it so much to happen, but it hurts too much to keep trying, its putting a lot of pressure on me, and I can see its going to start affecting my relationship. So I do need to get off here. It make sit doubly hard following all my pregnant girls as well.

I will be back when you-know-what eventually happens! And I will try find my special friends, you know who you are. but hopefully you will all be either long gone form the site by then, or counting up your pregnancy tracker symptoms =D

good luck all.

Lauren xox


Jun 21, 2010 - 3 comments

blimey...havent missed it afterall...i say every month i give up trying to know what my body is doing...but im saying it again...What the...   =-]

maybe CD19 afterall...


Jun 20, 2010 - 0 comments

really weak OPK today...I cannot remember if I tested a few dyas ago...i did, right?? I seem to remember writing about it on here to someone!! i will have to look again, but i have a feeling I must have ovulated CD15. Would make sense as thats exactly the time when my hormones started to go crazy and I was shouting at everyone and everything haha. Was having some cramps yday and today unless this is an off test then I guess I missed it!

Hopefully this is a good thing, means I ovulated when I should have done. Will test again tomorrow (will be weird taking one to work with me!) just to be sure!

Was expecting a darker test today, but hey, at least it looks like I missed it I didn't want to be CD22 again.

(will prob BD tonight and tomorrow, just so we're in with a weak chance) :P

Saving myself 10 OPKs this month then maybe, whOOt =-]


Jun 19, 2010 - 0 comments

OPKs still not looking like i hoped so. But at least i am somewhere near to ovulating right?!!

I'm going to start taking bets, CD18 for me! If i had my pessimistic face on, I'd say CD22 like it was last cycle, but pessimism never did anyone any good.

June has been a good month, I've been begging for the end of uni, and its finally here (wont feel over until i get my marks and go to luton uni for the last time ever!) and I've filled my days with working full time at my job and with photography work.

It's been a financially sour month, but it's payday next Friday, and i'm counting down the days!

I really want to conceive this month: thats what my head is saying. My brain is saying, wait until after christmas...but you know what?? Sometimes you have to listen to your heart, especially when it's been telling you something for a year already.

But hey, there's always next month...thats the motto, right girls?!!