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Day three

Feb 10, 2010 - 0 comments

I slept horribly last night; may got 4 hours tops. I was in serious pain, and I hate to take pain meds, but I finally took a percacet at 0300. It helped the pain, but I still did not fall asleep.

So far over the last three days, I have taken all meds that I was supposed to expect Topamax because I'm out. As for my Coumadin, I didn't take any on Monday; Tuesday I took one, and tonight I will take two.

CFS/FMS Tracker

Day two

Feb 09, 2010 - 0 comments

I was supposed to have aquatic pt today, but the pt office was supposed to call and confirm. They called at 0814, but didn't live a message. I tried calling them several times, but no one answered.
The SS disability lawyer's assistant called and needed some paperwork. I searched all day for it. I don't think that I found what she needed.
I was so compelled to searching that I forgot to eat lunch or drink anything.

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Day one

Feb 08, 2010 - 0 comments

I had a doctor's appointment to check my blood levels for clotting. I went to make an appointment with my doctor and was told that she was leaving and no longer seeing patients. I can't believe it. How many doctors to I have to bring up to speed on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The only other doctor in internal medicine told me the first time that he saw me that it wasn't CFS (he doesn't believe in this diagnosis), so I must be depressed. I will not see him again. What will I do.

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