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iud problems.

May 12, 2011 - 4 comments

So I got the iud in feb at my six week postpartum. Well since then I have had bad cramps and non stop bleeding. Well yesterday I started having bad upain on my left side and then throughout the night it started in my back. Still on the left side, heavy bleeding also. Well today the pain is worse and I'm also having sharp pain in my chest. My head is throbbing. Also I have had some fatigue and been really moody. My boobs have been sore and hurting. I don't know if I have an infection from the iud or if this is all normal. I want to get it removed because I have had so many issues since having it put in. I'm going to the er tonight but I just want to know if anyone else has went through this. And also weight gain just in my belly. It is like I'm gasy bloated. Hubby asked if I was pregnant but I can't be lol...well I don't think so not with the iud. Please any info would help

update on everything...

Apr 16, 2011 - 1 comments

So bella bug is 3 months old already..she is now weighing 12lbs she is growing so much,but very healthy..I thought i would give her some bannana baby food in her body just to see if that would help feel her up biiiiggggg mistake now my poor baby cant poop. it is so hard and wont come out :( but i guess as mothers this is how we learn not to do things. katlynn is a big girl and so in love with her baby sister. she helps me so much with her. she is 21/2 and already weighs 43lbs. yea like i said big girl..hubby is doing great always working and is the best daddy anyone could ask for. he helps me alot with both girls and never complains about it i love him so much!!!and now me well pregnancy took a toll on my body lol i still weigh 166 and cant not loose it i have always weighed 125-135 but not anymore :( oh well...i had an iud put in because we changed our minds on getting my tubes tied and i am having mixed feelings about this thing has only been 2 months since i got it but i cramp so bad and my periods are lasting like 2 to 3 weeks and i am bleeding alot heavier..dr says it may take up to 6 months for my period to slow down and then stop..but these cramps hurt like hell some times heheheheh..and somehow i have torn my cartlige and ligaments in my right shoulder..yea dont know how that happen but it is very painful..dr says it could take up to 6 weeks to heal and then i still may have to have is so hard on me because i hold my bella all the time and right now im only working with one arm so i cant hold her as could have happened with me picking up katlynn yea she is a heavy little booger hahahahahha. but like everything else i will get through it. as of now i am staying home with the girls and let me say having a 2 yr old and a 3 month old will make you want to go to work sometimes lol but i love it. i have learned that it is not that easy to find a babysitter for 2 kids,there is no more going out till 2am cause by 9 im yawning and ready for bed,i hear "mommy" in my sleep..and the bathroom counter is now my sex table heheheheh you got to get it when ever and however you can because the baby will wake up as soon as you get busy lmao. i have also learned that there is nothing in this world i wouldent do for my girls they are my life now and going out is not even on my mind no more. ok so maybe thats a fib because i do think about it but that is just because i need a hr or so just for hubby time lol. but just like like night we decided to have date night well we were home by 10 and i though i was going to fall out because i was so tired. but it did feel good. but i was happy to be back with my babies. another thing i have learned is there is no way in this world i would still be completly sane with out my mother in law she is the best. so with all of this said i still want another baby"boy" hint hint dh hahahah but i want him in about 4 years. so no trying for me for a little while lol..

since i have seen girls doing this i will too lol 25 things about me

Mar 31, 2011 - 2 comments

1. I have to have all my can goods and boxes in the cabanets faceing me.

2. I f John Cena came around I would probley be divorced lmao.

3.I am terrified of frogs. I will scream like a baby and hurt someone over a frog

4. I do not like animals lol. they are cute but not for me.

5. I am a big fan of 16 and pregnant and teen mom. wish they would do more girls on teen mom.

6. I forgive way to much. I let people walk over me

7. I love Fall. I think the leaves falling and the cool weather is great.

8. I want to finish cosmetolgy school and open my own shop.

9. I have panic disorder.

10.I hate when basketball is on because i have to watch it with my husband.

11. I do not Have a mom. So i had to learn to be a mom on my own.

12. I am trying to learn portuguese so i can talk to dh's family lol

13 I hate people who lie. I can not stand a lie. big or small

14. I miss sleeping all the time lol

15. my phone is my right hand lol. i always have it with me

16. I hate being away from my hubby.

17. I hate big groups of people.

18. DH and are complete opposites but it seems to work!

19. there is nothing in this world i wouldent do for my girls.

20. I sorta want to have another baby but no one knew intill now lol

21. I love shopping o amazon now.

22. I need to work out alot

23. i cant wait to go to brazil to visit our family

24. my 2 best friends in the world, i met online lol but we know each other for who we are.

25. and one that no one knows about me...I gave my son up for adoption when i was 18. Man that feels good to get out.  was to young to be a mom and could not raise him. But family has him yay.

freaking out

Mar 31, 2011 - 0 comments

So i went and got my iud put in on march 9th. I bleed for 16 days well i have a tracker on my phone that tells me when af is suppose to be here, and she as suppose to show yesterday NOTHING not even a sign of her coming. omg my dr said the iud was the best route to go since  did not want another baby soon but MAYBE in the future. i go to the dr next wed and i am praying this is normal. have any of you ladies had a iud what were your periods like? did you miss? please help lol