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Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

Dec 20, 2010 - 0 comments

Getting nervous about induction tomorrow. :o) I was induced with my DD in 2006 at 37 weeks, and DS came at 37 weeks in 2001, and this time I am almost 40 weeks, so I think it will be fine.  But they haven't done an ultrasound, NST, OR measurement in two months!  What if this baby is a whopper? :-O (DH was 10 lbs... but I think he was two weeks late..eek!)  How do they know if she is in the right position still?  I hope they check tomorrow before just breaking my water, geesh!  (Maybe I shouldn't have watched "A Baby Story" today... this lady's baby was in perfect position the day before her induction, and had moved by the next morning.  They had to do a C section to prevent the cord from delivering first and possibly killing the baby... yikes!)

I have to call at 4am for scheduled 5am arrival.  Tonight is the full moon... gosh I hope they aren't full tomorrow and turn me away haha.  If it weren't for the timing being so perfect with the kids away so my DH can be in the labor room I would probably not mind staying pregnant for a while at all... this is the most comfortable I have been in this pregnancy, let alone in either of my previous two.  Or, maybe the full moon/eclipse will affect me and I won't even need to be induced :oD

Also, DH is driving me a bit nutty.  Has he packed his bag yet?  No.  (mine has been in the car for 3 weeks hehe... like I said my other two were 37 weekers!)  Has he installed the car seat yet? No.  He hasn't even done his Christmas shopping yet!!  WTH? lol  What IS he doing you might ask?  He is building the filing cabinet we purchased for the computer room... ummm.... unless this baby comes out with some papers to file I *don't* think we are going to be in great need of that right away ;o)  Is he in denial?  OMG, it is TOMORROW man! haha

38 weeks and left guessing

Dec 09, 2010 - 4 comments

Had my 38 week appointment today.  I was looking forward to seeing if I have progressed any since last week and how much dilated and effaced I am now.  I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything is or isn't going to happen soon, but as you all know when you get to this point you hang onto every little thing that seems like progress.  I was also told at my appointment last week that I would be having another NST this week.  Well the doctors' office was packed today and they were running behind.  So basically I was checked for fetal heart tones, the doc came in and asked if I had questions, and I was ushered out the door.  I am not a big worrier, but I haven't had an NST in three weeks, at which time they sent me to ultrasound because the baby wasn't moving as much as they wanted or something.  Then when I saw the doc that day he implied that the sonographer didn't really look at the baby, but rather just measured my kidneys.  He said all the report said was that my kidneys were swollen which "we knew already."  Anyway, they didn't seem too concerned, but now it has been three weeks and I, again, was looking forward to seeing how she is doing.  Also, my husband was a 10 pounder and since I found out today that I somehow gained 7 pounds in just over a week (?!?!?!...I do not get it.  I did really well over Thanksgiving, which says a LOT since that was also my birthday week and I had cake, and this week I don't feel like I ate too much so what the heck??) I am starting to get really nervous that this tyke is gonna be a whopper!  Both of my other children were born at 37 weeks (DS- 2001, water broke; DD-2006, induced) and they were pretty good size for 37 weeks (DS only 4 oz shy of 8 lbs and DD just 1 oz shy of 7 lbs).  So, I guess it is the waiting game for me.  

I was hoping maybe I'd be offered a sweep, too.  I am getting worried that DH won't be in the labor room with me.  My mom (though she lives 90 mins away) is off work until Wednesday, so we were hoping something might happen this weekend so she can come up and help with the kids.  I have been asking DH for months to find someone in town (I know NO ONE here) to help with the children so he can be in the delivery room and not outside waiting with them (they do not allow children in delivery).  He keeps saying he'll ask some people at work, but then he doesn't.  It is beginning to annoy the heck outta me.  Is he in denial?  This could happen any minute and he doesn't seem to get that he is going to miss the birth of his child if we don't find someone (this is his only biological child, and I am not having any more after this, so it is his one shot).  I am starting to wonder if he really wants to be in there at all.  Gah!  :o(

32 Week ultrasound

Oct 29, 2010 - 2 comments

Doc said everything looked great with the baby! Fetal weight gain was good, went from 2 lbs 12 oz , 58th percentile four weeks ago to 4 lbs 11 oz, 71st percentile.  And the baby isn't the only one gaining lol... but that's just because I need to stay away form the Halloween candy, cupcakes, and cookies ;oD  
Just hope the baby doesn't grow too much in the next 7 to 8 weeks... my DH was a 10 pounder... sure hope that isn't hereditary lol.

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Weekend fail

Oct 18, 2010 - 3 comments

Oi, so we purchased a new car, well van, on Wednesday.  They took my trade-in and gave us a loaner van because they are bringing ours in from somewhere else.  It was SUPPOSED to be here Thursday or Friday.  Then they told us the one they were trying to get us had too many miles on it so they would have to get us a different one which would supposedly be there this past Saturday. Well, on Saturday they told us it would be Monday .  
So, we were taking the kids to a Fall Festival Saturday and hubby was in the turn lane to make a left on the street next to the park where the festival was.  Then he realized that they had barricaded the street off.  Silly hubby goes to get back into the other lane, without checking first, and collides with another car.  The loaner's mirror got busted right off and both cars have scrapes down the front side.  Ugh.  Now we will have to use savings that were meant for baby to pay for this calamity :o(  We have insurance, but aren't sure how it'll all work out with the deductible.  And since we gave my car to the dealer we only have insurance on dh's truck, which he says is liability only.  So I wonder if that means we are out of pocket for the damages to the Toyota...?  Anyhoo, it is annoying.  We didn't ask for the loaner, I thought we'd go in, they would order us the van we wanted and THEN after it got here we would sign all the paperwork and turn in my trade.  But they did it all right then.  Not that it makes a difference in what happened, but I'm just saying they didn't even offer us supplemental insurance on the loaner, and if we'd have been in my car when this happened (it had better insurance coverage but we canceled that car after the trade-in) it would have made things better for us :o(  Oh,well, surprisingly I am not as stressed as I usually would be.  I hate blowing money on stuff like this.  Maybe those pregnancy relaxin hormones are kicking in lol.

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