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phone call from hospital today

May 18, 2010 - 7 comments

Today i received a phone call from my consultants secretary. she told me that the lab report suggest borderline cancer, epithelial tumor. No other treatment required but 3 monthly scans for 6 mths then 6 monthly for another 12 mths. looking on the internet this suggest its stage 1, im concerned no other  treatment is needed, and why it has taken till now to be told and how come this wasn't seen when they were in there. Perhaps its not always seen, obviously not in my case. Anyone have any info on this.

count down to surgery

Apr 30, 2010 - 20 comments

My count down to surgery, today the 30th April 2010, i have 6 more sleeps to surgery, the unknown . The time has come  and now it has im absolutely terrified. This has been on going since October last year and have been waiting to end the horrible period in my life but now it's near  i just wish i could run away. Having had major bowel surgery April last year i never thought i would be having major surgery again 12 mths later and also the thought of feeling anything like i did then does scare me.
I hope a few days after the surgery i will be well enough to write back on here saying it's over and  a fresh start is around the corner.