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Week 5ish barely

Oct 25, 2010 - 0 comments

Well I should be right about 5 wks today and boy am I feeling it. I am hungry but nothing tastes good. I try to eat but then feel full and then am hungry again in less than 2 hours. It is my first day back to work after last week being on fall break and I am exhausted. By 2pm all I want to do is take a NAP! I have to get through another hour then the long hour drive home. It is going to be a long week of being tired!

New plan

Aug 26, 2010 - 0 comments

After about a 3 hour consult with the RE I am still really over whelmed and confused. DH and I went in yesterday hopeing to come up with a plan. It isn't going to be that easy since my insurance is a pain in the rear. They had told me they cover testing but not treatment so that sounds good but seems that I may need to have a laproscopy done. My Dr would rather not do this because it is an invasive surgery that can cause scar tissue and other complications so she would rather skip this if possible. She would like to do the clomid challenge next month but if my notes show we did this and they want to see all my notes then it turns into fertility treatment to have the lapo instead of a medical need due to pain. I would say go ahead with the lap and see if that helps but I understand why she wants to wait. I am having a series of tests done this month to see if I O without clomid and then we will make a new plan for next month after we figure this out.

CD 15 again

Jun 02, 2010 - 1 comments

Well, no sign of O again on CD15 but not surprised after last month. I still haven't heard from the hospital on the HSG so I called my friend who is the lead charge nurse in labor and delivery about changing Drs. My midwife is a friend of hers and so I explained that I just think I am beyond what she can do for me. She agreed and gave me the name of a new Dr that just started with them but has been a Dr for 20 yrs and is an OB/gyn and MD. I am going to call her on my lunch break and see how long til I can get in since she is new. I have new hope with this. I still have to see if she takes my ins or not but for the most part I think this is a good next move... I hope!