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had a bleed

Jul 16, 2010 - 1 comments

yep had a bleed TP was bright red blood, thankfully it seems to be from some piles(heamorroids) which have appeared, again apparently its the progesterones fault!
i was soooooo scared but haven't bled anymore it was when i had a BM but i wasn't straining or anything! aghhhhh some of these pg symptoms are hard to deal with especially after a m/c

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as its hot

Jul 09, 2010 - 2 comments

as it is very hot i awoke late and then had to rush for the school run but my temp was up as its sooo warm, 21' before 9am i think their predictions of 31' are acurate, time to get the pool ready xx

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food aversions

Jul 07, 2010 - 0 comments

wow never really had em before, had cravings for salt and tomatoes but never been able to smell food a mile off!
Tea doesn't really smell but I CAN SMELL IT!
i can have a mouthful of coffee IF i don't smell it before hand, wierd...don't know what i do want to eat but def know what i dont and its all my favourites!
what could this mean? i know every pg is different, i have had 8 pgs now so kind of know what im talking about, but never had this or at least this strong!
got doctor appointment 4pm
Boobies so heavy now and my nipples are really sensitive! i can feel the underwire pressing into them so going to did out all my maternity bras today, they're not very fetching and look like boulder sling shots there so massive but they're comfortable! last pg my breasts went from 34dd to 36H im 36 DD now so what will they end up as????? unknown..

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feeling betterish

Jul 06, 2010 - 1 comments

well had a buzy morning, stay and play with mom at school for my youngest who is due to start sept.
feeling bit better but i think most mums have cottoned on as i couldn't drink tea or coffee with them, the smell was enough and everyone knows i normally drink either like afish!
had a bit of a sleepless night but have made plans to take things easy for the rest of the week. can't wait for my doctors appointment tommorrow.

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