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so ill

Jul 05, 2010 - 1 comments

so by 10.30pm saturday night i wasn't feeling very well, by 2 am i had cramps and was feeling very vey sick.
i got up after sleeping til 10.30am on and off and spent the day trying to sip water but led still on the sofa. I had major backache and felt generally unwell.
i still feel very sick today but ive had to get up as hubby needs to be at work and i had to do all the school runs etc. Its 11.30am monday i still feel sick but i think its becuz i haven't eaten now more so than anything else.
im very worried becuz i only get sick when somethings wrong, ie when ive had m/c, eptopic of when i lost baby at 16 wks. Of course this could be one of the 100 bugs circulating at the moment but i didn't make it to work let alone anything else yesturday...i haven't felt that ill for a long time.
im trying to take it easy but ive had meetings today re my cupcake holders and ive had to get up and move about!

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Jul 03, 2010 - 4 comments

I don't know what overcame me but i did another one....just to make sure! yey its got two pink lines!
everyone was out of the house at swim club so i said loudly "I'm pregnant" phew it was such a relief, i wish i could tell but Dave and I are both agreed that should our little bean not be sticky enough it would really upset the chilkdren so we're gonna wait. Im going to dr's wednesday and hopefully she'll book me in for a U/S or at least send me to the EPAC clinic, i could go of my own accord but my run in with the nurse after me M/C has left me a bit bruised and altho i want to shuv her words up her backside, i am quite nervous!

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Jul 02, 2010 - 8 comments

i went to roll over last night and suddenly had a pain in my right side which made me stop moving it was excrutiating! I lay still for about 5 mins before the pain subsided and i could move again. it felt like i was being stabbed or had a very very bad stitch.
My little girl had a dr's appointment so i know im not supposed to but i asked him if he thought it was serious he thought not but ive made an appointment to see a doctor next week, alas it wasn't with him he's fully booked. but now im sooo worried, what if its another eptopic or even that blasted cyst i have playing up...what will it do to my lillte babe?

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another dizzy spell

Jul 01, 2010 - 1 comments

wow had a bit of a headache when i went to bed last night but tunnel vision when i got up a bit quick today...not good.
im wondering if im over doing things as ive had a lot on and next week doesn't seem to be any better, how do you know if your doing too much? or more than you should, im terrafied of miscarrying.

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