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What a difference

Jun 30, 2010 - 1 comments

What a difference a day makes....
waking up to remember im pregnant rather than wondering, dreaming or hoping has just made all the difference. Even though i now have m/c concerns, eptopics and milestones from previous failed pg's to overcome, the weight off my mind was unbelievable!
As i stood talking to mums at school i felt special, they had no idea that deep within me a little spark of life has changed things. its such an amazing secret xx

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feeling sick

Jun 29, 2010 - 0 comments

ok feel bit sickly today but my little one is feeling a bit poorly again too, she's been ill on and off since the beginning of the year, low immune system or something, health visitor thinks she might be anemic so gotta see doctor on friday.
Had a look back over last months symptoms, well i had cramps on dpo14 and had cm with brown streaks and clotty bits on 15dpo along with more cramps, altho it was a light cycle it did start on 17dpo and really showed 18dpo so as ive only got cm im hopeful...i think

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Jun 28, 2010 - 0 comments

ok so if i was a 28 day cycle then im pretty sure i'd know by now, spotting etc or even just a bit of a sign that AF was on her way.
As i sit watching an endless stream of cars going by outside (going home from Glastonbury festival) i am getting very nervous!
i would love to test but im too scared, i read and re read pamphlet wiv FREP but as i had a BFN a while back terrafied it will be that again.
My friend asked if id had AF or felt different? nope can't say that i do but then i have missed the beginning of two pg's now and only realised around the 8-9 wk mark so what do i do?
hubby says whatever...i think he's loving the babydusting part LOL
i am tired, bit of nausea but that could be heat and i had a bit last month and i wasn't pg then, got sore boobs,  but have done on/off since m/c and bloated for england that normal for a m/c of twins as they think this was. so im in limbo land, to scared to test, wondering what if.....................

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Jun 27, 2010 - 1 comments

Oh my goodness, i know i was in work for 6am today but about an hour after watching the Grand Prix i fell asleep for an hour! My darling hubby finished cooking the sunday dinner bless him. I was just sooo tired i couldn't stay awake.
im really nervous about how many days post ovulation i am, tommorrow if im 28 day cycle AF due if not 31 CD takes me to thursday!
Im too scared to test again incase i get that bfn again, i think i'll jinx it but today i saw 2 magpies!
a bit further down the road i saw a third but not sure what that means but anyhow, what a strange day!

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