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my labour/birth

Feb 24, 2011 - 1 comments

so as reported i started getting contractions, dh and i left for the hospital and arrived at little before 7pm just as the staff were handing over by eight my contractions i felt had slowed but becuz i delivered quick last time the midwife ran me a bath and i was taken to a delivery room. i had an examination but was only 2-3cms....anyhow after an hour in the bath i started on some gas and air and yet i couldnt get comfy. i was encouraged to get out which was dissapointing but the bath wasnt like a birthing pool, no where near as deep or with room to move to get comfy. anyhow i was examined to find i still wasnt anywhere past 3cm so she broke my waters...anyhow the urge to push kicked in but i was told not to...the gas and air barely contained the urge and then at 11.30pm i was told no pushing as my cervix was caught, i cudnt help it and had this point my waters were flowing out everywhere and they still said no pushing. at almost 10 to midnight i stopped the gas andair i was screaming as the urge to push was awful and they said dont scream use the gas and air but i had to push, the midwife was forced to push my cervix back as i pushed...and kept pushing despite theyre efforts to stop me, baby was born too quickly, my body went into a little shock but i held my baby girl, i felt shaky and sooo sad, all i could think of was she's here but its not the birth i wanted...anyhow shes awake...ill finish this tale later xx

baby j

membrane sweep

Feb 22, 2011 - 4 comments

ok so the membrane sweep was well i dont know wether its worked even a bit or's a copy of my contraction times i jotted down....
and so on and so on....
anyhow i tried standing and dancing on the spot, wiggling my bottom etc but the contractions were lasting no more than 30 secs withthe odd one at 45 secs so not reallly brilliant...then i tried havinga bath around 10pm but had to get out as i was sooooo uncomfy, at 11pm i was so tired i thought sod this ive gotto try to get some sleep and led down...all night i tossed and turned and that was inbetween needing to pee which i can say hurt like hell! it was always accompanied by a contraction which took my breath away! anyhow lieing down seems to have slowed everything but when i stood up this morning...woah it hurt! so im going to try to move around a bit til midday just so that if anything is happening i can keep it going but i dont want to overdo it, im so tired if i went into labour now it would be a bit of a struggle and i dont want that.

if any of you have had a sweep or know anyone who had one im curious ive had no bleeding or even bloody mucus discharge, so im wondering if its partially worked or not....i thought that you were supposed to bleed...ive tried looking it up but there's not much info out there, my consultanat said i might bleed but i didnt think to ask what it meant if i didnt bleed...any info would be good...
anyhow here i am on tuesday and still no really like to have before the children go back to school on monday, it would mean they get to see and hold baby without having to rush off to school etc....please come out soon baby xx

baby j

consultant meeting

Feb 21, 2011 - 6 comments

so its monday and im still pg, arghh another long hard weekend. got to the hospital today and had a bit of mild backache but nothing more...we discussed in great length my options and problems regarding this cyst and delivery and its thought if i have a normal delivery at the main hospital then they'd be satisfied so no waterbirth at my local unit!
she did however agree to a sweep, her idea not mine, she examined me and agreed baby is engaged! well first time for everything none of my other children did...anyhow 10 painful sweeps around and she said if that didnt work i can have another one next week! i hope this one works!!!
ive not felt much yet but then gotta give it time...she said im 1-2 cm dilated tho the cervix is long and thin....whatever that means....anyhow she was happy that all is well and that things should start moving along nicely...DH said he needed 2 more weeks to finish laying the hall floor and she was pretty sure we dont have that much time....thank goodness so fingers crossed her sweep does the trick..especially as i had a touch of low backache beforehand xx

baby j

so frustrated

Feb 19, 2011 - 5 comments

its going to be a loooonnnng weekend thats for sure, not even a twinge last night. so the salsa sauce didnt work!
i have had to get up every few hours because babys head or presenting part as the midwife says is right there...i mean like cm's away from the outside world. how can i explain this...just sat on a chair, its a dining room chair as its the most comfortablist i can feel babys hard head pressing down on my undercarriage so clearly...its just there!
if baby doesnt come this weekend its going to go by really slowly!
im off to Wells shopping later, im going to by some Clary sage from the local herby store, apparently a few drops in your bath water can cause contractions...wether this works or not i dont know but several friends on FB have recommended this, and one swears by it. well we tried you know what this morning and nothing either...and its been a few hours so failing that im looking for a stick of dynamite...let me know if you have some LOL
im so frustrated and the texts keep you doing...any signs yet...are you still with us?
well in body yes but mind no way...its very quickly going mad!
IF anything should happen.....IF i promise to post before i do anything else...hopefully i'll be back on posting baby news if not i'll talk to you all on monday after this antenatal meeting with my consultant xxx

baby j