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contractions stopped

Feb 18, 2011 - 4 comments

so they started up really hurting at about 8pm and continued until 5amish...they were'nt regular but very uncomfortable and so i hung around here instead of going to hospital....good job as they stopped!
everytime i neeeded to pee it was torture as itd start another contraction even if id just had one...i couldnt get comfy and i am now so tired!
i have some regular BH now but they dont even make me flinch. My two oldest are home for an inset day and the youngest is off at school, my DD helped me clean out the hens and im now resting well bar writing on so frustrated but the midwife says the real thing is not far away and will kick in shortly...meanwhile baby is moving about so everything is hoping the weekend will prove lucky for me....will keep you al updated as i can xx

baby j

still here

Feb 17, 2011 - 10 comments

ok so ive been off line as i couldnt log on but all sorted...still no baby altho tons of signs...this morning i had a huge mucus plug with my normal show that ive been getting on/off for some weeks so fingers crossed. Having said that DH is four hours away working so i shouldnt go into labour until tonight/tommorrow for that reason but you know sods law etc...just my luck LOL
i plucked up the courage to visit a friend rather than have her come to me...i felt soooo uncomfortable there just physically that i wish id stayed at home and bounced on my ball...this feeling is so strong to stay at home im wondering if its subconcious that my body knows sort of that birth is imminent and that i need the familiarity of home to comfort maybe...who not overly bothered about eating unlike last week when i couldnt stop eating, and im feeling tired but restless more still feeling like electric shocks in my undercarriage, almost like baby presses on the nerves and then bounces off of them...its quite painful and very wierd...the community around are "are you still here?" etc and sometimes i wish id given a false due date just to keep them pacified, but still half term next week so i wont have to see any of them and hopefully baby will be here before the weekend anyway.

baby j


Feb 15, 2011 - 4 comments

so ive been awake since 4 am, contractions on and off but nothing that really says yep this is it. I feel very uncomfortable infact just walking my youngest into school i didnt want anyone to stop me to talk to me because i felt so uncomfortable and the pressure below was not good, all i wanted was to get her into school and get home!
im going to have a warm drink and sit on my birthing ball and do well not much actually as i am tired from being awake...DH is in Warmlee so not far away...unlike tomorrow when he has to stay away overnight again...he says next week will be fine, he's booked monday off as i have to see the consultant if im sill around (oh please let baby be out by then) and then he has to work but nearby which will be good as its half term too and so the kids will be home.

baby j

no pressure then

Feb 14, 2011 - 4 comments

so im officially 37 weeks and have dropped even more, id say this baby is fully engaged esp as i had to get upto empty my bladder 4 times last night and id not drunk that much! each pee was a big one sorry TMI but it wasnt like dribles etc...ive been sat on my birthing ball and when i do i can feel pressure in my lower back and bottom, and def low in my uterus so it cant be too much longer surely?
i had my nails re done today but took a friend incase my waters went...thats how much pressure is down there, however my waters only went early with my firstborn, with my girls they went just proir to delivery so im not really expecting them to go...its just a niggley feeling but you never know!

baby j