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a change

Feb 07, 2011 - 0 comments

so saturday was very tiring, i wandered or rather waddled around the shops for about an hour then spent saturday evevning vegging. i had a nice bath but was uncomfortable all night and had what i can only describe as period cramps all night, sunday i got up despits DH telling me to stay put...well my DD 's were fighting. over the course of the morning and first part of the afternoon i basically nested, i have done some more to a friends baby book, finished orders and tidyed craft rooom, cleaned lounge kitchen, put lots of ironing away, tidy and dusted my bedroom and the most proud thing of all, sorted my airing cupboard out and it looks soooo fab and neatly stacked i keep wandering in there to check it out :)
everyone greeted me at school with yay one week to go and wow your bump has completly changed shape, its dropped so im hoping these are all good `signs`
ive also noticedi can't tolerate hot drinks anymore not even the drinking chocolate im partial too so something def has changed and i personaly am hoping for next monday to come and bring with it my baby girl xx

baby j

what am i doing?

Feb 04, 2011 - 0 comments

so today as i drove to the store i suddenly thought, what am I doing?
i mean why would i put myself thru this? its not a case of just getting pregnant is it? its a full on anxious filled, sometimes painful mostly uncomfortable 8.5 i(if your lucky) months or 9 months of total loss of control over my emotions, body and soul...
i mean ok i get a baby at the end...that much is ok...the birth yea im still ok with that at the moment....but really did i really know what i was doing back then?
i know what id say if i were reading this..too late now but it just suddenly struck me that i was sooo out of my depth it was scarey.
im still telling myself and anyone who asks that ive 2 more weeks to go...i can't even contimplate anything beyond feb 14th although at the begginning i had feb 26th in my head for some reason.....we shall see......

baby j


Feb 03, 2011 - 1 comments

so monday i had to goto the dentist...lost half a molar anyhow appointment was 11.50am and i was feeling bit crampy and wierd and put it down to nerves. so he patched up my tooth and i made a provisional appointment to have it properly sorted once baby arrives. so on way home i called into sainsburys and then thought i'll pop across road for a big tasty and fries...ate fries on way home (as you do) and the big tasty (as its a messy burger) at home.
i still felt a bit funny but thought pull youself together girl. By 1.30pm i realised actually this was i called hubby who collected our youngest at school on route home, i rushed around finishing packing my labour bag with toiletries i need you know toothbrush etc. then dave came home and we set off. id arranged for a friend to keep hold of the older 2 problems there. we were stuck in a line of slowish traffic we couldn't overtake and the contractions were pretty strong...
as we had to travel the 30-40mins into Bath as the midwife unit won't have me until 37 weeks itwas a long journey. almost there and dave was getting narked with the traffic and a set of traffic lights which were at a 3 lane junction which were out of action. a bit further on and he pulled his new car over, i couldnt get out and started screaming about the seatbelt when he released it and i got out to be very sick...the bloody burger!
anyhow 5 mins later he put his foot down and we rushed in to the hospital...
a few hours of monitoring and some rubbish paracetamol did nothing for the pain and i couldnt understand why i couldnt deal with the pain..birth for me has always been sooo easy, my youngest was constantly asking questions and i got snappy and told dave at 7pm to **** off with her! he did no questions so i know i wasn't right!
anyhow they eventually gave me pethadine and 10mins later the rest of the `meal` came up frightening the poor midwife! they started acting fast then...i was scanned to reveal baby was no longer breech and was right down...they thought yep labour...but then it eased off (the contractions) leaving me with the most horrendous pain in my right cyst!!!!!
so they can't operate without removing baby first so i got pumped full of drugs and shoved into a side ward and told to sleep!
the midwife returned 3 hours later to find me where they had left me, wiggling my backside leaning over the table! daft anyhow they then gave me something else to ease the pain.and i remained here for the morning... later that day i was put upstairs on the ward, told to eat and drink beacuse of keytones in my was monitored as was i every 4 hours until it all started up again, they sent me for a scan which showed my cyst had grown and was now being squashed by baby and as baby had turned and was head down her feet and arms were facing my right and knocking the cyst...hence the pain which triggers the contractions...more pain relief and no sleep tuesday night thru wed morning. So i eventually get a jab for the sickness at 11.30am but i fall asleep and miss lunch! so they say ihave to eat toast...which after monitoring i eat around 3pm then hubby comes in cuz they say i can go only to find the doctor wont release me until no i get some supper, ram it down, drink tons of water...finally 7pm they let me go kids are exhausted and hubby so relieved!
its been a long night but im up, i helped get kids off to school tho i have to pick up, but im resting im still wearing lovely stockings they got me to wear but im going to take em off when i have a moving nicely, and im still full of pressure down there so hopefully it won't be long before she does arrive and hopefully my next hospital stay will be because she's arriving xx

baby j

long pregnancy

Jan 31, 2011 - 0 comments

i know its not that long away but for some reason im soooo impatient for this baby to arrive, perhaps its all the problems ive had?
it was a bit of a funny weekend, we popped to Bristol for extra paint to finish the walls off, still glossing etc to be done...then sunday DH did more painting..bless him ive been waiting for him to go into the loft for the inner lining of the moses basket and he'd been up there going thru boxes for a good half an hour and i found the lining in the airing cupboard! he wasn't happy!
so thats dressed now just the pram to get down and clean but he's a bit funny about that and won't get it down yet...the car seat and the pram insert flat bed bit is down and cleaned he just wont get the pram itself...funny.
im off to the dentist at 11.50am tho what they can do for half a molar missing i don't know, i can't have anything major done...its gotta be seen tho.
My weight is steadily climbing tho not from eating...still getting bouts of nausea and the odd sort of soft BM...could be things moving along altho im sure baby is still breech there is something very hard wedged up under my ribs, and the pressure although still in my groin is not as much as when baby was right side up so to speak. Dave popped to see his nan last night and found auntie Sylvia had arrived for 2 weeks from Canada to stay and help at nan's! wow...but i think there will be a little pressure to have baby so Sylv can meet and greet, she's missed all 3 childrens births by weeks...i know dave was thinking about it as he asked how long i had again...when he was telling me last night.
my son is 10 and doesnt care that his fathyer and i have been called into the school about his behaviour, i think he's up for suspension...he's not worried in the slightest...what can we do? we've tried everything and im now considering getting him fostered for a while...thats how serious it is.

baby j