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im back

May 17, 2011 - 0 comments

so third time lucky, mummys had trouble with this but all ok now x
im fast out growing my clothes, i love smiling and hearing my big brother tell me stories.
baby massage helps my colic and i love my splishy splashy bath!

Baby Taylor Rose

im growing

Apr 04, 2011 - 3 comments

so ive put on weight and outgrown some of my newb orn clothes, but i get terrible pains in my tummy. they come in spasms and i hold onto mummy as hard as i can. mummy gives me a massage and i now have some yucky medicine too. we `sleep` downstairs as i wake my brother and sisters up and poor daddy has to get up for work early.
im now in fabric nappies and mummy says things will be better soon xx

Baby Taylor Rose

blood test

Mar 17, 2011 - 1 comments

so mummy and i went to the hospital for my check up andblood test...i didn't like it, i screamed and screamed which upset mummy a lot. the doctor held me down whilst sticking a mini canular in the back of my hand to get my blood, im really bruised now.
mummy comforted me all night long, i was so upset and held my sore hand all night.
poor mummy with daddy away she had to do everything for my brother and sisters, and i was hungry and cried so mummy was upset again, then michael my brother forgot his football boots for his first footie match tonight so we had to dash back to school!
im sooo tired mummy says i will hopefully sleep this evening and then she'll get five to soak in the bath tub xx

Baby Taylor Rose

ive put on weight

Mar 15, 2011 - 0 comments

so ive put on 2.5 ozs which is good but im still a tinge orange so on wednesday im off to hospital for a blood test and to see a paediatrician. On saturday mummy dissapeared for 2 hours, she went to get a broken nail sorted, but i woke up as she pulled out the drive and daddy just wasnt the same....2 hours is a long time for someone as small as me and so i cried until at last mummy came in and picked me up. She was sad that my eyes were swollen and my face so puffy but she cuddles me all afternoon. I got my own back by being awake all night.
today mummy had  to goto the dentists to have her temporary filling replaced with a proper filling, she broke a tooth when i was in her tummy, anyhow for the 40 mins that mummy was led having treatment...i cried and the poor nurse was getting very stressed. I fell asleep as mummy was leaving and slept til we got home, life is so strange for me...i dont think i'll like going to the dentist when im bigger.
Mummy has lots of washing to do so im still in my sleepsuit today, i like it tho as im so comfy in it.
mummy is worried as daddy is away tommmorow but we'll have the bed all to ourselves xx

Baby Taylor Rose