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ive put on weight

Mar 15, 2011 - 0 comments

so ive put on 2.5 ozs which is good but im still a tinge orange so on wednesday im off to hospital for a blood test and to see a paediatrician. On saturday mummy dissapeared for 2 hours, she went to get a broken nail sorted, but i woke up as she pulled out the drive and daddy just wasnt the same....2 hours is a long time for someone as small as me and so i cried until at last mummy came in and picked me up. She was sad that my eyes were swollen and my face so puffy but she cuddles me all afternoon. I got my own back by being awake all night.
today mummy had  to goto the dentists to have her temporary filling replaced with a proper filling, she broke a tooth when i was in her tummy, anyhow for the 40 mins that mummy was led having treatment...i cried and the poor nurse was getting very stressed. I fell asleep as mummy was leaving and slept til we got home, life is so strange for me...i dont think i'll like going to the dentist when im bigger.
Mummy has lots of washing to do so im still in my sleepsuit today, i like it tho as im so comfy in it.
mummy is worried as daddy is away tommmorow but we'll have the bed all to ourselves xx

Baby Taylor Rose

mummy and me

Mar 11, 2011 - 2 comments

so mummy introduced me to the health Visitor yesturday, another lady who took my clothes off... but it seemed to make mummy happy.
I now weigh 7lbs and that apparently is good because mummy kissed me heaps and said i was such a clever girl.
The HV said that i will have to go back to hospital if the jaundice hasnt gone when i reach 3 weeks next week.
It took mummy all night to realize that i have  favourite booboo and want only to feed from it during the night...but i got lots of attention and i got to sleep in mummys bed and not on my own in the crib again.
Today we were up early and mummy changed me before we had to rush off to do the school run, its nice and quiet when my brother and sisters go to school. Mummy says as the sun is shining, after lunch i can nap in my pram whilst she digs a bit more of the veggie plot.
Im taking a short nap before i get hungry again and i think mummy has some bits to do whilst i do that....i love it when i wake up though, i get lots of hugs and favourite xx

Baby Taylor Rose

and so...

Mar 09, 2011 - 1 comments

and so...i think this will be my last journal, at least on the pregnancy tracker anyhow, Taylor seems to need no sleep at all, and feeds constantly for long periods every day. She has managed to put on 1 oz so we've been released to the care of our HV. The extra days with the midwife care was good as even this seasoned BF pro had to re learn some positions to ward off a mastisis attack which threatened a few mornings ago.
Ive learnt (again) that sleepsuits are best done up from the crotch upwards otherwise you don't have enough poppers LOL
Taylor sleeps (and i use that word loosely) in our bed and generally has the world in her palm, every trip takes us ages as everyone wants to see her and oggle her...ahh
ive had skin to skin piks of us both and they look fab and im so pleased with them.
we are coping with little sleep and lots of love and cuddles.

i look forwards to keeping you all updated via a new journal, i wonder if thats possible...must

finished tale

Feb 25, 2011 - 9 comments

so anyhow i led there holding baby and felt awfully sad, the birth hadnt beeen what i wanted and id ended up being a screamer something id never been and as they took my little girl to weigh and dress her i just remember thinking its all over and the dissapointment was overwhelming...i cried for an hour.
hubby held baby as i had no interest, i had afterpains which were much like the contractions and was uncomfortable and the midwife kept saying did i want to go home?
i really cried when they handed her back to me as they prepeard to wheel me to the ward arund 2am and the midwife said that because my cervix was a little too slack thats why it had problems coming over babies head properly otherwise i could have pushed, she said her insistance wasnt anger and that i did really well, but i had screamed and she said the urge is sooo strong you had to do something to conteract the force as we needed you to not push and she was upset that i was so sad, but i think as i feel this may be my last birthing experience and that its not as perfect as i felt my previous was, ive somehow dissapointed myself.
anyhow, they sent me home the next day!
it took a day but we've named her Taylor Rose Brown and she's perfect!
today 3 days post delivery but just under 3 days old she weighs 6lbs 10.5ozs so not lost quite her 10% she has fed almost non stop and so my milk is in and im weeepy, very sore and have very full boobs but it does mean she sleeps for a while now she's a bit fuller, ive washed her hair as it was full of birthing gunk and she's so cute and ***** her thumb tucking her little finger over her nose!!