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AF is gone and so is her Weight

Aug 15, 2011 - 9 comments

So I got on the scale today! I am down 6.4 lbs in 2 weeks this makes me so happy. I am so happy I pushed thru being on a 2 week cycle with working out. I usually use my cycle as a excuse not to workout but not anymore. I am so happy flo and her bloating is gone for now. I wasnt plaining on losing this much in 2 weeks but its great. I hope the trend continues b/c if so I will be exceeding my goal every week. Come on BFP!!! Hopefully after this challange I will be on the BFP bandwagon yes!

happy :)

Aug 14, 2011 - 3 comments

I have made some great decisions in my life and I am very happy. I love my life!!! my family and I am so happy to be me. I never could say that before but I am finally happy with myself. Yes I know I am not 100% complete with out having a little girl but so what! I am gonna enjoy my life. Things come when God says not when we say! I have not felt this way in 2 years with myself. not wanting to be my size before baby but I don't I dont wanna  look the way I did before justin. I like that my boobs are bigger lol I like how I filled out! I could do with out the gut lol and thats what I am working on so I am happy with that 2. God wants us to be happy with ourselves. Not to want to be no model but to be urself and healthy. Healthy doesnt have a weight attached to it. You can be 400 lbs and be healthier then a person thats 120. I see and here a lot of obese pepole out live there thin counter parts. I believe health is within. As long as ur health is good be happy. Dont try to be everyone else be u. I mean there are so many plus size models running around. How about us bigger girls try to copy a look from a plus size girl vs wanting to be a kim K or beyonce I am just saying . WE MUST LOVE OUR-SELF AND BE HAPPY :)

I have been reading and the Scale is out my head

Aug 13, 2011 - 5 comments

I have read that just by exercising. You can fix ur insulin resistance. So I no longer care about the scale. I don't care about   the weight loss being fast. I don't care if I lose 1lb a week. I just wanna get this insulin resistance fixed. It will help with my PCOS and my Pre diabetes. So, I was thinking I have to lose weight super fast. Nope not true. I need to fix my insulin resistance. So yea to exercise  I am planing on working out even harder now.

AF how much I hate u

Aug 12, 2011 - 0 comments

I hate AF she wont leave me alone. Now she is taunting me she is lighting up but still around. AF I need to express I hate u. Cant wait to I have 9 months away from u. U play games with my mind. 1 month u come the next u stay away. What is up with that. Then when u come u always come at the wrong time and u always over stay ur welcome. I am so tired of u I wish u gone so as of today u better leave my body until next month when we have to battle again!