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Aug 02, 2011 - 1 comments

So today I am super sore lol However, thank God today is my light day I did  30min of walking. tommorow though will be 1 hour of kick boxing I am so looking foward to it. I am actually feeling a 100% better getting up and moving. bc at my job I dont get any physical activity at all and at home I am a couch potato so I am changing things and it feels gooddddddd:)

Day 3

Aug 01, 2011 - 5 comments

Ok  MrsPincince I stayed to my word. I went to spin class and boy was it hard lol. I was determine to make it thru and I did! It was a hour long and my first time. My instructor was like I can quit whenever I want bc I am new to it. I was determined to make it and I did. I don't plan on backing down. I am down almost 5lbs and I cant weigh in again to AF leaves but I am determined to see BIG NUMBERS!!!! Thanks guys for all ur support and  MrsPincince thanks u so muchhhhhhhhhhh for keeping my faith HIGH

Day 1

Jul 30, 2011 - 8 comments

So today is day 1 of getting my life in control. So, i can control the direction my life is going in. Today I started Pharma Pure Sugar Blockers bc they work for diabetics to control sugar. Also, I am now taking my metformin everyday from this day foward no skipping days. I am also going to the Gym this afternoon to start a workout plan. DH and family said there is no quick fix to getting healthy. They are def. right. I need to take my time  to do this. DH said he is not looking for another child right now he wants me at a 100% healthy first. I dont blame him. However, I dont want Justin 8 years old and without another sibling IDK anymore. but these next 150 days are just for me!!!!! To get everything in control and hopefully after these 150 days I will be anouncing a BFP I know a far fetch dream but its my dream none the less.

Help ttc

Jul 27, 2011 - 3 comments

I need some info from women that didnt get prego natural.What path did u take to finally get prego and how long did it take? I know I am fully of questions but I need a plan!!!!!!!!