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My Journeyyyyyy  :)

Apr 19, 2011 - 14 comments

Wow, I haven't been on in a while as my Password changed a few times, then changed back?? Weird.
But anways Harry is here.. I shall explain everything..

Harry was 11 days late, I was due to be induced and he was born the day before. Typical. The birth was natural, I actually went into Labour Jan 27th (My youngest brothers Birthday) My mucus plug went, and I had irregular contractions, I went to the hospital as Harry wasn't moving much, well, as I was eating Jelly tots and updating Facebook (Like you do) the midwife didn't check me. I went home la la, and only for my friend to go, ' I bet you will go into labour at 2 in the morning' and I did. I was jinxed. Woke up my mum, she didn't believe me, as well New Years I had strong regular contractions turned out to be food poisoning. Well, so she sent me back to bed for an hour... Contractions every 3 mins (BACK LABOUR) I decided to do my make up, After 20 minutes couldn't take it anymore, so I went to get my mum, woke my brother and sister and as I told my brother babies come out your ears he was checking my ears and he saw a hand pop out. He got me a glass of milk :) Lovely boy, he's only 4.
Half  3 we get to the hospital, I ring my daddy and he comes too (Me being in labour made my parents make up and become friends, who knew?) as John is still confused as to what he wants (But with that I am going with the flow) anyways he thought it was a dream and turned up at half 11. Anyways, I'll stop going into lots of detail as I remember bugger all.

I had 2 lots of Gas and Air, and Pethadine. I was sleeping in between contractions, I bit John, asked for Jelly tots, told my parents I had tattoos oh crap, I remember stuff being in my waters and it made me screammm I got scared, then I refused to push, I remember asking for a c section when I had one push left, and I remember the cord being round his neck 3 times and screaming and crying, then he was on my chest, then I passed out. As John is with a controllling bint, and basically can't leave but wants too she had a go at him and he left 10 mins later, oh well his loss, and she wont let him see harry. :( Oh well his loss. Erm Harry didn't cry and I passed out again. I did tear but apprently I refused stitches.... so well I didn't get them... and I left the next day...

Harry weighed 6.15 and was born at 1.17pm on January the 28th... I told no one I was in labour, so when I went on facebook I found good luck messages for my induction, I uploaded a picture of Harry and thats how I told people. Aha. :)

Now he is cheeky and smiles all the time, and things like that.. I love him ALOTTTT...and I guess things with John will fall into place eventually, Or not, oh well....


Missed you all...


Article on PCOS!

Nov 05, 2010 - 3 comments

Ima write EXACTLY what it says in my Magazine!

A decade ago Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) was a little known, and little understood condition. Today its the most common hormonal disorder among women of repoductivve age and the main cause of infertility in UK women. What's more, some experts believe that Polycystic Ovaries might affect as many as one in four women,, and that the number of sufferers is likely to rise further, thanks to modern life styles.
Polycystic Ovaries are caused by a large number of Cysts (Fluid filled sacs) that grow just below the surface ofone or both ovaries. When a woman displays some or all of the collection of symptoms normally associated with Polycystic Ovaries she is said to suffer from PCOS.
GP an author, Dr Sarah Brewer says: 'With PCOS, the ovaries produce too many male hormones, such as testosterone which block the normal monthly growth and development of egg follicles, creating the cysts. Most women with Polycystic Ovaries are less responsive to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar, putting them at an increase of Diabetes.
'The main symptoms include oily skin or acne, increased facial or body hair and thinning hair on the scalp. 50% if sufferers are overweight or obese and 70% of women with PCOS have light or irregular, or miss periods'
Not only is PCOS a ticking time bomb for the future of our fertility, if left unchecked, its also linked to serious health issues, such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and endometrial cancer.
The statistic most quoted is that One in Ten women have PCOS: says Norah Lane, founder of Diet Care. 'But the real number is likely to be much higher. One in four women is thought to have Polycystic Ovaries, but they may not display any symptoms or not make the connection between the smptoms they are experiencing and the condition. Many women don't get diagnosed with PCOS untill they start trying for a baby, and, even then they might have been trying to conceive for some time before seeking help. It's no wonder that the latest figures sow that more women than eer are undergoing fertility treatment in the UK'
Natalie Cassidy and Jools Oliver (Famous peeeeeeoples) who have been diagnosed with PCOS, both gave birth in the last few weeks. Both have spoken out about thir struggles to convieve, making their new arrivals a double blessing. Other stars with PCOS include Victoria Beckham, Tana Ramsay and Zoe Ball.
The Trigger for PCOS is unclear but most experts think genetics plays a role, since it tends to run in families. There is NO cure, But symptoms can be managed with some lifestyle adjustments.
'A lot of the symptoms of PCOS can be improved by diet, exercise and supplements:' Says Dr Brewer.
Follow a low GI diet because balancing blood sugar leels can improve insulin resistance, Try to lose excess weight - even a modest loss of about 1 st (6kg) can correct hormonal abnormalities, reduce acne and unwanted hair and improve fertility. Regular exercise helps to overcome insulin resistance in muscle cells and can also improve mose PCS symptoms. GPs sometimes perscrie a drug called Metformin which can imporve insulin sensitivity.'
If you suspect you might suffer from PCOS, speak to your GP.
'You don't have to put up with your symptoms,; says Norah. 'There's lots you can do to help yourself.'

What can you do?
'Medication may help in the short term, but in the long run, healthy eating is the single biggest way to improve the symptoms' Says Dietcare founder Norah Lane. 'PCOS is a hormone imbalance and sufferers are particularly senstive to all the chemicals we are expsed to in our modern lives. Avoid porcessed foods and buy organic whenever possible.'
'You can also try eating tiny a tiny piece of protein such as chicken, turkey, egg, fish cottage cheese every 15 minutes,' advises Norah, 'These can help to speed up the metabolism, provide essential vitamins and stop hunger pangs. Other PCOS- friendly foods include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and organic vegetables.;

Dr Sarah Brewer says: 'Supplements that might help to alleviate symptoms include evening primrose oil, isoflavones, magesium supplements, B Vitamins, Chromium, and Angus Catus. Saw Palmetto may be suggested but should only be taken by women under thee supervision of a medical herbalist.'

This is in England but it might help with others with the info I found out... the Figures of people having it are based in England no where else...

Hope this helps??


I don't know what to do, my niece is at risk!!!

Nov 01, 2010 - 8 comments

Right basically my SIL (Micky) has PND.. or whatever its called, and Depression was a BIG issue during her pregnancy. I mean BIG but she never told my BIL (Andy, Johns Brother), but always told me, and ALWAYS promised me she would get help after she had my niece (Millie). She Promised,
Well things got ALOT worse after she had Millie, and I told her to get help and she said she didnt need it, everyone was wrong, I said well go see your doc to prove you're right then, She said she did, and lied to me!
Well, ever since Millie was born she has been saying  she doesnt want her, she wished she never had her and things like this, well, I then told Andy and John and things like this, and Andy tried to help her being her boyfriend and Millies dad, well she didnt want any of it, and they broke up, and then stopped him seeing Millie so he done what any father would do and DEMAND access, and she rang the police said he needed anger management, well Ive known him all my life and I have NEVER known him to ever get angry and lash out. EVER, But for his Daughter he would do anything, and went to all these anger management classes and well he went to two and they told him to leave because he didnt need them, and signed him off and gave the police a statement that he didnt need it.
So they left it at that,
Well things got worse again... and now she is trying to get an Injunction over nothing... But it hasnt worked at all. So she lost there,
Well, Friday a comment was left of Facebook (Well Micky's status actually) saying 'Chop chop, milz is crying, lets dangle her out the window in her bouncy thing' so Mary (John and Andys Sister) rang out of Hours social services and they said we'll take note of this, didnt do anything, but when my drunk step dad makes a claim of my sister cooking her own dinner they came round the same day? the same with my mum apprently not living in the country).... Well Andy gets a daily text about Millie well she is lactose intolerant and cannot have ANY dairy at all... this morning Millie had a yoghurt and cheese... I think you'll find that is dairy products. My Niece still has tubes up her nose from being so ill and is sooo tiny and poorly. And Micky knows this will make her worse. She also leaves Millie downstairs on her own whilst Micky has a bath. On her own on the floor!!!!!!! No one else is in the house! I only know this because Andy had a key to her house and walked in on his daughter on the floor  and micky in the bath!!

Well, I rang Social services about the Yoghurt and cheese thing I also rang the police, they said they will note it. But nothing might not be done today as it ISNT URGENT! You what?? Seems pretty urgent to me!! I rang again and said I am not happy, my niece is at risk and you're doing nothing you're meant to be CHILD PROTECTION and you're doing bugger all. Some protection that is!
Andy rang 8 solicitors (Lawyers) today and they all said they cant see him for 2 - 3 weeks, I rang my mums solicitor and they are seeing him tomorrow morning, and if do what they done with my mum he will be in court on Thursday. Thats how good they are.
Well I just got told the Police finally went round to Micky's house and said there is nothing wrong everything is fine. Micky IS the type of person who will put on an act to ensure she gets her way (my mum is the same, so I know and can tell in a person, plus she done it before) she isnt right.
And they aint doing anything...
there are also threats that Micky is going to move with Millie without Andy's consent which isnt allowed.
I have spent all day trying to help and my niece IS at risk and its like the Authroities dont care. I mean a year or so ago a baby died because Social services ignored the claims and allegations being made, this baby died... I duno if you all heard the story about Baby P. But his mum put on an act likee Micky did and well it then got ignored!!
I am stressing sooo much about this, and when I stress Harry doesnt stop he basically tells me to stop haha.

I dunoo what else I can do. I am going to fight for my niece, but it is making Andy so low and it doesnt help that his sister just had another baby Yesterday, its tearing him apart!



Weird day

Oct 28, 2010 - 4 comments

Well my day kind of started yesterday when my mum got a phone call from Social services saying an accusation has been made that she doesn't live in the country and I am the guardian of my brother and sister. Last time I checked she still lived here... I just have my brother and sister 6 dayys a week.
SOOOO, being under a police protection plan anyways, I am meant to have an assessment every 6 months anyways as now the assessment weekly is being stopped. Well that happened 3 weeks early (This morning)
The police and social services turned up at my house this morning. And make the mistake of telling us my STEPDAD made this accusation, just to get my brother, well what he doesnt know is If anything happens to my mum my brother and sister come into MY Care and I will be their legal guardian. HA!

Well i've had ALOT of trouble with Depression lately and well I am going to the docs tomorrow because of this, my midwife is concerned about my mental health, and doesn't like me living here due to how much pressure I have and the fact I have my brother and sister 6 days a week. Well, she has written a letter to Housing. My doctor will tomorrow as well... I took Splash back to the vets because she got a Water infection and then had a reaction to her antibiotics so she had a shot.....when I got home, I got ready to go to work and well today I met my new support worker and she is soooo cool. (This is whhere my day gets kinda better) Better than my last who I found out didnt do her Job properly. Anyways within half an hour of her leaving she Phone my doctor and Housing and has changed my application so I am on a higher bands (as the housing ISNT first come first served its based on who needs it more) well right now I am on Band 2 which is pretty low.. well my support worker hass some how got me on band 4, I have points for Mental health, the problem is living at home. Well the letter from my doc will put me on the Highest band which is band 5. Which is good...

I got to work finally. And well the day got better... my support worker rang work to say I was with her today and well now work is writing a letter to Housing to say my home life is effecting work. So I might be moved before xmas!

(Btw my home life isnt that good)

And then MY BABY BOOK ARRIVED! It's perfect... :) Woohoo, AND John doesnt have work Sunday FOR ONCE!!! Hehe, and I got you guys to talk tooo.. Always the highlight of my day!