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What I Would Say to The Other Woman

Feb 22, 2011 - 4 comments

On this, the one year anniversary of your unholy tryst with my husband, I offer you my forgiveness.  I hope you find true love and happiness.  I hope your life is going ok.  

Part of the reason I want happiness and peace for you is this:  No one can manifest evil, or wish harm on others if they have true happiness and peace in their hearts.

You did some pretty mean and evil things in your attempts to steal my husband.  You lied to him, to me, to your husband, your children, your family.  You gathered other evil cheating women around you to cover your lies and allow the nasty and ugly things that transpired between you and my husband to occur.  

You manipulated, and got him to make promises he never intended to keep.  You threatened to tell me and ruin his world if he didn't continue with the ugliness.  You put your evil spell on him, and on my family and you wished for bad things to happen to us.  

You tried to interfere with my employment.

You laughed at my expense.  But it's over now.  Brice made his choice, and he is mine.  You had your four days, I get the rest of our lives.  

It's been one year.  I have put in a hell of a lot of work to find my trust and love for my husband, and to make it whole again.  It is whole, now - and it's stronger than ever.  He travelled to the abyss, and knows now that he never wants to return.  

So the final thing I would say to you is thank you.  Thank you for showing him what the alternatives might look like.  Thank you for helping him learn to truly appreciate me, and our children.  Thank you for giving me the chance to prove I meant it when I said "For better or worse."  You have definitely presented the worst to both of us, and we have survived.

We will renew our vows this summer.  Something that may not have happened without your attemt at tearing us apart, so thanks for that.

And finally, thanks for teaching me how to spell 'Namaste'   :)  

Best wishes and peace to you and yours, I told you once, you deserve happiness - you can make it happen, just not with my husband.  Now go out and make your life what it was meant to be.