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doctors today

Jun 02, 2010 - 0 comments



blood tests



okay so i went to the doctors today an of course i was hoping to get checked an told some good news but instead i get my iron check an bad news. my iron is 8.0 an they had to do a blood test so they could do a iron colture to find out how much iron an blood i can chance loosing the big day an i might need blood waiting for that day (blood transfusion) wow this only gets better by the day!

whats going on?

May 26, 2010 - 0 comments






okay so i have spent the last three weeks trying to figure out why i cant sleep. i sometimes feel like i just cant get the rest i need at night when i am trying to sleep but during the day when i take a nap i feel more charged then anything. even though none of it is giving me the rest i need. i feel so bad during the day i know i am just so boring for two of my children whom are home with me and at night i feel even worse cause the two children in school im just to wore out to do anything with when they get home. It really is starting to depress me an make me feel like a bad mom :( its only getting worse to..No matter what i do!  Ugghhh i just wish i could get some sleep i almost feel like im on my breaking point!!