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The hearts of the sick

Oct 17, 2010 - 0 comments

At Lourdes the sick discover
the inestimable value
of their suffering...
the meaning that pain ...
may have in their lives ...

Pope John Paul II Prayers and devotions

A prayer for healing and hope

Oct 17, 2010 - 0 comments

Almighty God ,we give you thanks ,
for you are the creator
of all life and goodness
We praise you for the world
You have made for us
to build and enjoy

Loving God help us to be
faithful heralds of Healing and Hope
Grant us the awareness of the
healing needs of those around us
and the compassion to
respond willingly to those needs
We ask this through Christ,
our Healer and Source of all hope

As the stomach turns episode 5

Sep 18, 2010 - 1 comments

Well I am back and in much better spirits .I have just been pushing through all the bad feelings and trying to focus on the good .My son and his girlfriend Krista took me out to eat at a nice mexican restaurant last night .We had a lovely evening .Mr M is off cooking a steer on this huge rotissere he built .He cooks whole hogs on it as well so he's off most weekends cooking at large parties .It's not much of my cup of tea .I get very nervous in large crowds because of my SAD so I stay home and chillax on those weekends .I drank a few frozen margaritas last night so I am feeling a bit off today .I normally don't drink since I have been on my meds except maybe a glass of wine every now and then .I just didn't take my bedtime dose of meds and my tylenol is minimal so I think it's okay to drink now and again .I enjoyed hanging out with Matt and Krista .We really has a good time together .It made me feel good that they wanted to include me on their night out .I really think Krista fits in with our family so great .She is just a super young lady .She wants to do things with me which none of Matt's gf's have ever done .We have a shopping trip planned and I am looking forward to it .You know I have really been taking stock of my life the last few days and I am so blessed .I have a wonderful husband that I have shared my life with for 25 years and we are still so in love .I have a wonderful son who I am so proud of .He is such a fine ,young man if I must say so myself .We have a very close relationship the 3 of us and that means everything to me .My husbands family are so wonderful too .They have always made me feel like a member of the family from the getgo .My MIL and I are really close and I love her so much .He also has 6 sisters and 1 brother and they are so loving to each other .I have a beautiful home that my hubby and I built together .We have a small farm and live back in the woods and it is so peaceful here .You know other than my health I am rich in all the things that truly matter and I thank God for all the blessings I have been given .

As the stomach turns

Sep 15, 2010 - 3 comments

Hi it's me again .My pain is so much worse and I am sooo fatigued .I haven't accomplished anything this week .I am pretty sure that I have built up a tolerance to my lortabs .They just are not working anymore .I have an appt. with my PM on the 30th and I hope like hell she switches my meds .I have been on hydrocodone for over a year now so it's not surprising that I have a tolerance .I really wish I could go on a long acting med and just take a few of the pain pills for breakthrough pain .Anything would be better than this .I hate that I sound so pitiful .This is so not like me .I used to be such a vibrant ,active person .My house stayed immaculate .Where did that person go ? It's like it was someone else .That vibrant person left and left me as a hopeless cripple .I can't imagine going through the rest of my life like this .I want my old life back so badly .I wish I had appreciated how good it was at the time .I must make every effort possible to pull myself out of this rut and salvage every thing I can .I know I am blessed in many ways and I need to focus on that instead of how bad things are .I believe attitude is everything  and the attitude I have right now is shortening my life and robbing me of enjoyment .This will be my goal .Positive attitude .Til next time ............