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Jun 20, 2010 - 2 comments

so im not feeling like sh*t next day after E much these past few weeks.. Im Eating the next day also . not as much but i do atleast. hahah ,. eum headaches i still get it but not massive ones. no night sweats . Blue monkeys are good. white hornets not sure if imma do those again .. might but not 2 at a time. I had a fun week/weekend. Kinda had more fun doing E than drinking. yesterday reminded me why i hate it. Puked ! gross haha . maybe i did puke because i dint drink for a while.. like really really drink . :P i was quite waisted . But over all . its good.. fathers day today. was suposed to drop  by my gramas for super. with the dad there. but hes not been much of a dad to me ever !. so why should i be a daughter. only wants me around when hes sober & thats never.

Peace out .

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weekend off = bad ?

May 27, 2010 - 0 comments




alright . so weekend is here. & tomorrows friday . im really wanting to do ecstasy. & smokin dope is a no brainer. its gunna happen!. saturday is girls night. so im gunna try to limit myself to just drinking. but as for tomorrow. i see e. in clear view. i know i sould try not to do e. but its hard. i love it so much . & smoking weed well gets me tired after a while.. im not ready to let go of drugs right now. not alone.

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