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Early Early positive

May 28, 2011 - 3 comments

I found out that I tested positive on an otc pregnancy test 3 times at only 2 weeks pregnant. As in from when i conceived!. Didn't know that was possible but pretty cool. I have not gotten Hyper Emesis with this one so I am super happy. I truely believe its because of my lifestyle before i got pregnant. I had just lost 23 LBs, I was eating alot healthier, exercising and had quit smoking months before. I am showing now and i am super happy... Although I am super irritable today. So far so good!


Apr 25, 2011 - 0 comments

Have a Dr.'s Appt. this Friday, the 29th. I can't wait to see if he thinks everything is on course. I am getting Dinged hard by morning sickness today and am trying to get it under control. I look pregnant but of course its bloating. You can still see that things are beginning to get pushed up. Still wondering if there is more than one in there. Hope so. Bra size has already gone up. Husband likes. I miss sleeping on my stomach! Lol.Worried about the morning sick though. Had hyperemesis and am scared that its about to knock me out. Mostly trying to stay relaxed and enjoy while the going ISN'T tough. Lemon ginger tea, Seasick bands, and peppermints are my best friend as well as taking half the prenatal in the morning and half at night. Lots of sleep helps as well. I try to go to bed early and get as much as i can. Take naps when tired. Eat as soon as i am hungry and just let my body tell me when and how much to eat and what i want. I guess just going along for the ride. Its made this pregnancy easier so far. YAY!  But like i said, today feels like things are about to get a little more rough. As long as i can keep those vitamins in me and the food at a decent level i am decently sure that i can make this not so bad. Here's to hoping! =D

Dr's Appt News

Apr 12, 2011 - 0 comments

Well I am super excited to be pregnant. But I am not very far along. I am 3-4 weeks which means i tested positive super early. Which is only going to make my family scream twins even louder lol. Part of the fun i suppose. I am only bummed because i am already morning sick and i was hoping that i was further along so this stage of morning sickness would be better than my first. But since i am so early that means things are worse. But i am staying positive because everything else is going beautifully and my hubby is loving the Tata's (sorry tmi) =D. I have another Dr.s appt. the 29th and another ultrasound may 10th. Wish me luck! I know I am wishing some baby luck for yall! I am also hoping for twins so everyone wish me TWO! Lots of sticky baby dust.

This pregnancy

Apr 12, 2011 - 0 comments

I am super tired. I now take naps. I sleep for 2 hours and am only awake a max of 45 minutes before i want to sleep some more. I am always hungry, no joke. I am making sure that i eat when i am hungry and not just because i am "eating for two". Right now my baby is a little bigger than a pin *****. My breasts might as well just go ahead and fall off. They hurt insanely and they have already gotten huge. It took a lot longer with my first for all of this to happen and of course i wasn't nearly so tired. Ah, second pregnancies. I have to say i am loving the bug differences. Hope I have some good news tomorrow. I get my OB workup since i had them confirm the pregnancy today. If anyone has any questions about the Clomid. I do believe i took 50 mg but i think as soon as we found out it was a success someone chucked them. (Rolls eyes). I took it the 5th day of my period for 7 days. Worked too lol. Morning Sickness hits about 12-4pm. Mornings are great as long as i don't let myself be hungry for too long. Same with night time. Its very hard to believe I'm pregnant since i was already feeling so awful with my first go around. A dream come true right now. Lots of sticky baby dust. If we can get a baby so can anyone.