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so mad not pregnancy related

Aug 28, 2013 - 0 comments

Im just writing this down for my self so i can cool off .
I'm so annoyed with my dd school . what happend was she went to this virtual school online and it was a joke after struggling all year they finally tell me that wasn't the school for her . so I found a different one hard to do because she is special Ed  so i have been pestering them to change her from 10th to 11th last year and from 11th to 12th this year  and they said they would and it still says 10th grade for the past 2 years and then again this year im beyond pist because now the councilor  wont change it she said she hasnt been with us four years . so the school the joke one diddent fill out her grades on her transcripts im beyond mad it is going to be fixed and she will graduate this year im going to make sure it gets done !!!  she is doing a certificate of completion so only 4 years of hs is required . its not based on credits .

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grrr what a night

Aug 18, 2013 - 5 comments

what a fricken night im putting myself to bed . it was hotter than ever so we took the kids swimming and i got stung  by a bee so i took a half a tsp of benadryl some say safe when pregnant some say no but i thought a half of a tsp woundnt hurt . then my cat who is normally nice was fighting threw the security screen with another male cat attacked my son who was by him :( he got scratches and im nervous about going to the ob tomorrow . wish i was seeing my reg dr :(  now got to see what his scratch looks like tomorrow may have him checked out tomorrow . ugh never ending bull . i just feel like screaming . im super hormonal too :( its so hot my dh almost passed out today . so we went swimming 2x first time ok 2nd time bee sting :(  my mom told me as a kid i was allergic  but i dont think i am now because i have the normal looking sting . and no swelling i freaked out because im pregnant and not that far along .

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i wish mon would hurry up !

Aug 07, 2013 - 1 comments

feeling sick have 5 more days until I can make sure the shrimp is doing well :/ im so nervous about it I prayed so hard for this baby and feel like it is a blessing I dont want to go threw another loss.

im not sleeping well feeling really sick . i feel panicky if i think about my u/s I wanted to see my ob she is nice and would let me know right away idk why they wont let me see her .

she is so busy they are your dr wants to see you monday and its a dr ive never heard of before . they are well your older so problems can occur :( im so depressed all i can do is hope for the best .

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trying to be positive

Aug 05, 2013 - 3 comments

trying to stay positive !! thankfully no more bleeding. im taking meds for a uti its making my pee orange but they said that would happen.  so I feel better after i was doing resurch about late ovulation . I think because I have pcos and irregular cycles . sometimes they are 32 to 35 but before i got pregnant I had a wacko period with like 10 days of spotting then ovulated and got pregnant so my first day was june 16 however  it was a long weird period . so im thinking that has something to do with y the baby was measuring small . I think dr was just telling me everything it could be to covor his butt because he wasnt really answering me or dh questions only saying you need to be seen by your ob

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