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T3 Medication Increase

Jul 01, 2011 - 1 comments



medication increase

As of July 1, 2011.  My lio-thyronine has been increased to 10mcg along with the Synthroid remaning at 100mcg.  My temperature graphs indicated to Dr. V that I was lacking in this hormone still so I will take two 5mcg. capsules along with the Synthroid.  Hopefully this will also help with the depression, but now know that I have a high lead toxicity, this will help too once I get the DMSA pills and start to remove this metal from my body.  Who would have ever thought that I had such an over abundance of this in my system.  But years ago I did ask my doctor if I could have lead poisoning and he said no way, well look at what we just found out on my 54th Birthday.  

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