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Aug 29, 2010 - 0 comments

Ok so i am a diabetic who hs irregular periods well my doc put me on Metformin 2000mg a day and tht srted in may so i had two regular cycles to my surprise and was able to pinpoint how long a cycle i have turns out my cycles are 39days bc my period lasted for 12days but the doc told me tht i should go to 28dys well i hoped so well i had been havin sore breast, headaches everyday, lower back pains, very emotional i jus knew i was pregnant but i decided to wait to see if period would come on which was suppose to be 14th Aug but it was 4days late i noticed tht i had strted to cramp alot and it was really panful and i was havin awful backpains so i fugured maybe AF was comin but i took a test it was negative so the 18th AF showed up so i thought i was so painful it hurt to walk so by the 20th i couldnt take it so i had hubby take me to the ER and found out i had miscarried tht is why i was in pain but my body was doin what it was suppose to do i was kinda sad but also relieved tht we were able to get pregnant so my period stopped on the 24th which made it only 7days so it is actually shortening up so i had read up on when a pson usually ovulates and it says its between CD11 to CD21 so me and hubby devised a plan we would try to bed every other day to every two day we want temp or use OPKs because you cn get obessed and worry more about the act of gettin pregnant then just enjoyin each other so we prayed about it and strted bedding on cycle day 8 so far we are in CD12 but we have bedded on 8, 10, And 11 and will continue thru 21 and so on until my next expected period but we will not bed everyday bc it will deplete the sperm so thank u for reading and good luck and baby dust to everyone TTC this month :)