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Still Kicking

Feb 17, 2013 - 3 comments



hep c

This Forum can be so convoluted in the way things are posted. I just typed out a long entry but apparently I was on the wrong screen and so it was all lost.
I continue to do just fine - doctors have been amazed at my blood readings - best I've had in 15 years. I understand that it could all change at any time but have been taking advantage of this time. I go to Birmingham in 2 weeks so perhaps I'll find out more then. I'm still on the transplant list but due to my MELD score being so low I'm no where near getting a new liver at this time.
I'll re-post after the doctor visit.
Thanks for continuing to think of me. I think of the Forum members but to tell the truth since I have been feeling so good I don't have the inclination to get on the site. It occupied so much of my life for the past several years that its good to have a break from thinking about it.

God Bless,

Continue to Improve

Oct 20, 2012 - 2 comments



Nonalcoholic Cirrhosis


hep c


Liver Transplant

One year ago I was in really bad shape with no energy, suffering from edema in my feet and legs, and HE making driving a car or making logical decisions impossible. I had a MELD score of 17 and was qualified for the liver transplant list. In March I tried the triple therapy and it almost drove me crazy before I had to stop. Well since that time I have been steadily improving, having lots of energy and fewer of the symptoms of cirrhosis. The blood work I've had done over the past 6 months shows my MELD level down to 10 !!! It's all unbelievable even my doctors are at a loss to explain the change. My ALT and AST levels were almost normal, I haven't seen that in 20 years! I can only credit the power of prayer and the Grace of the supreme Healer.

I pray that each of you who read this will experience His healing power in your life. Thanks for all the support the members of this forum has given me.

Power of Prayer

Jul 20, 2012 - 8 comments

My last entry on here was when I had to stop treatment because my liver could no longer tolerate Ribavirin. I pretty much went crazy talking out of my head, unable to sleep, throwing up and diarrhea. I had to be hospitalized for several days with both white & red blood counts about as low as they get before a transfusion.
Well, all of that was back in March & since the medicines got out of my body I have done increasingly better! In Nov. 2011 my MELD score was 17 - I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am now down to 10! and the best part of it all is that I feel better than I have in at least 10 years!!! I have a garden and am constantly working around the house and yard.
After I had put so much hope in the treatment and it failed, I told the Lord that now it was up to Him to do with me whatever He wished. I have had many prayer warriors praying for me for some time now. When I got those most recent blood results back I asked them if this drop was something they saw very often and was told that it rarely happens to this degree. I will be seeing my liver doctor in a few weeks so I'm anxious to hear what he has to say.
God bless each of you. Hang in Therese because feeling good again is a wonderful thing!

Week 2

Mar 20, 2012 - 3 comments

Wow, I'm not sure what happened to me over the past few days. The doctor's  nurse thinks I may have come across a bug. I've thrown-up a couple of nights, increased diahrrea and extreme FATIQUE. Last night I threw-up and all of a sudden I began to feel better (always a relative term as you all know). Today I felt so much better that I was able to get on the riding lawn mower and cut the back yard. I took a nap before and another after. Lot's of trouble sleeping. I wake every 30-60 min. and don't really get off to a good sleep until time to get up to feed the animals and wake my wife. This morning I was so out of it that when the alarm went off I never heard it. One of the dogs provided some help but even then I could not get out of the recliner. The next time it went off I grabed a second alarm clockI had on the table, realized my mistake and managed to knock the alarming clock on to the floor.What a way to start your day.