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4 Month Check Up

Jun 14, 2012 - 4 comments

Today we went for Quinlans 4 month appt, She weighs 13.3 and is 25 inches long. The dr said she is thriving and there is no need to start cereal til she is 6 months.
The Dr did notice a slight popping in her right hip so we have to have a ultrasound on 7/18 to ensure she doesnt have hip dysplasia.
She is doing great developmentally the dr said. She couldnt believe that she rolls both ways, "talks", gigles, smiles, tries sitting up. Overall she is just a very loving, happy girl.
She  had her shots today and I have to say they went much better than her 1st dose. Im not sure if this was thanks to the baltic amber necklace(her 1st piece of jewelry from her "boyfriend", thanks T) or not but there was no fussiness in the days after like last time. So I also highly recommend these necklaces!!