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Nov 11, 2013 - 0 comments

Ever since they made getting your ele more competitive we keep getting salesmen and all they're offers and incentives sound good BUT.... just like everything else it's only good for a year and there are no real savings.
I'm sick of them at this point they've been coming for the past couple of years at first I thought it was a good thing but their offers are not really all that good, and there’s no real savings yesterday a guy came and told me that within a year I can choose the highest bill and get that money back just for staying with them but there was no guarantee on the percentage rate and that is what gave me anxiety last night and every year it’s the same thing and it’s starting to get to me, I’m sick of it I’m done I’m putting a sign on the door. The worst of it is it’s not my bill it’s my mother’s but she can’t handle it at all not even on the phone she too old to deal with it.

Anxiety/Panic Tracker

Bad Day

Oct 18, 2013 - 0 comments

I saw my primary care he more or less told me that here is no treatment for my back pain since my MRI came back normal and I know that that is not true.
The other issue I had that day was 2 months ago I was told I would be getting a care coordinator and 2 months later that person NEVER called and I never saw her at my appointment today. Durring the 2 months I kept getting told that she would be calling and when she didn't I emailed  and my emails were ignored.
I sent another email asking why and I was told that that person had changed her job and that they were looking for someone to replace her. Since when does it take 2 months to replace someone I know I'm being lied to I know I'm not going to get a care coordinator and I need one badly.
I feel like all the help I was getting is leaving me and instead of getting the maximum amount of help for my asthma I'm getting the minimum.

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