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CBT For Anxiety - What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Anxiety and Does it Work?

Aug 08, 2010 - 0 comments

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If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks or depression, you probably heard "CBT for anxiety" mentioned many times. What is cognitive behavioral therapy? Why are there so many people talking about it? How can it permanently stop anxiety and panic attacks? This guide will answer all of these common questions.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

CBT for anxiety is a form of therapy that concentrates on 2 connected things: Your cognition (your thoughts) and your behavior - your actions. You probably know that the way you think determines how you feel and the way you feel determines your actions and behavior. This is a "closed cycle" because your actions also influence how you feel.

You may not realize it, but your actions can create and elevate bad feelings.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you how your thoughts and beliefs affect your feelings and how to change the way you think to eliminate bad feelings altogether.

How Can CBT Eliminate Your anxiety Attacks?

Most of us think that the situations we encounter and our everyday experiences are the triggers to anxiety, panic and depression. If you are driving your car, for instance, and when you get on a highway you get an anxiety attack, you probably think that your anxiety is caused by driving getting on the highway. This in not true. According to CBT, your thoughts and set of beliefs determines the intensity of your emotions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy gives you simple techniques to stop panic and anxiety attacks dead in their tracks.

CBT is the only method that is able to cure anxiety and panic disorder permanently because it uses scientifically verified strategies to relieve anxiety for a long term. Other popular treatments - like medication, herbal remedies, breathing exercises and more - usually treat anxiety symptoms only and don't treat the root of the problem - Your brain and the way you think!

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